Ranjith Ramachandran - the Journey From Security guard to Professor at IIM

Working as a watchman to Professor at IIM.  The inspiring journey of Ranjith Ramachandran Panathur will inspire many.

Ranjith Ramachandran
Ranjith Ramachandran

Ranjith Ramachandran Panathur the man who comes from a modest background in the mountainous region of God's own country.  His father is a tailor and his mother is working as a daily wage laborer under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee scheme to battle poverty.

House of Ranjith Ramachandran

  Ranjith Ramachandran was born and raised from this hut covered with tarpaulin on the roof.  The house is in a dilapidated state, preventing the rainwater from seeping into the house is the biggest task during Southwest Monsoon season.   After getting a good score in Higher secondary education, the family couldn't afford to provide College Education to him.   So he decided to quit his studies.  Fortunately, he was offered a Security job which brings him the confidence to continue the education. To make out the expenses on his own, he attended college during the daytime and worked as a Watchman at BSNL telephone exchange at night time. 


Circumventing the awful episodes of his life, Ranjith Ramachandran graduated with an Economics degree from St. Pious X college, Rajapuram.  Later he finished Post Graduation at the Central University of Kerala where he found that there is a world outside Kasargod.  The collection of ideas and experiences at the Central University of Kerala took him to Premier Educational Institution "IIT MADRAS".   He felt a lonely crowd in the middle of a serene campus at the heart of the city where students coming from diverse realms.  The complexity built inside him at the campus, where he even thought to left the Ph.D. program in the midway.  Advised by his guide Dr. Subhash not to look down and fight back the complexities with confidence.  To realize his dream, he fought back the inferior emotions inside him with a strong belief.  His hard work and moral courage earned him a Doctorate from the reputed institutions in our country.  

    After working as an Assistant Professor at Christ University for two months, he realized his dream of working in one of India's Premier institutions IIM Ranchi.  He never restrains himself by his awful condition, he worked on his dream with the great level of hard work and determination.  From the journey of  Ranjith Ramachandran Panathur, Education proved it right that it can make one's life great.