Club House


The App called Club House where like-minded people can join the room where we can listen to their talk, singing, jokes, commentary, and any sort of discussions inside the room.  The social platform provides the space for a drop-in audio chat with the users, builds social relationships, and displays our skills inside the room.

Inside the clubhouse, where anyone can start creating their own room and make the conversation on any subject.  The room will be created based on one's interest where interested people can join the room and listen to our conversation.  If it is interesting, the people were super excited to be in the group and listen to the discussions.   In another way, the people can silently leave the group and join another interesting club where jam session is going.

Every room has moderators, speakers, and listeners and you can be anyone among them inside the room.  As a moderator, we can guide the club, invite the speakers, manage the conversation, and taking the feedback in real-time.  The speaker can share the open mic with a few conversations and entertain/educate the audience depend on our content.  The listener can enter any room based on our interest, even raise the hand to join as a speaker if you want to speak up in the particular room.

Clubhouse democratizes the discussion to a great extent where we can able to share our thoughts and entertain people with an open mic.  There are houses where even celebrities join the talk and answer the questions from aspiring people, share their experiences, ideas, and vision about their work.  

This is actually interesting where our voices are heard and have the potential to attract the users like what Facebook did in 2010.

 “ New technology is not good or evil in and of itself. It's all about how people choose to use it.”