Vaazhl the beautiful soul searching travel film

Vaazhl Movie Review

Vaazhl the wonderful travel film on the purpose of finding the meaning of life.  The film tried to portray how one can live according to their own will.

Prakash,  the protagonist of the film working in a software firm.  Nothing is interesting in his life, even his relationship with his girlfriend makes no sense in his life.  He is a guy who just passing the life, not living the life characterised by living well and doing well.  The emptiness follows in his life even though he hang out with friends, started joining yoga class, playing freefire, cooking on own.  The emptiness about his life follows him everywhere.

In this sort of circumstances, he met the married woman and her tough kid to handle.  The film starts get interesting when the changes that happend around Prakash routine life after meeting with these two characters.  But the realisations and finding the purpose of existence occurred, when he befriends Tanya a free spirited Bolivian girl made him to bring the new perspectives to his life.  She used to say, take a month in a year to do whatever you want to do in life.

Self discovery is the key plot in the film where one has to live in the present, bury the past and avoid thinking about the future.  In a scene where Prakash sit calmly on the rock around the thundering sounds of giant falls,  where the realisation about life start hitting on his head. 

The travel to the outside world made him to think deeper about life, the perspectives towards life changes to “live the life with fullest”.  The soul searching film with the plenty of unpredictable events and realisation will make you think deeper and immerse into the thought arise out from the film only if we are ready to travel with those characters.  The film is strongly appealing to the movie buffs who loves Philosophy about life and travel for no reason.

Travel somewhere from your place where you hold
Get away from materialistic possession
Explore the life of dreams
Talk to the person you never ever know
Take selfies with unknown faces
Get love from the strangers
Know about yourself more
Keep your gadgets away from you for one week
Ride the Royal Enfield in the Himalayas
Make the route to the new world
Travel to hill station just to have a cup of Tea
Try Low budget International travel
Walk in the rain
Smell the flower
Fight for the Window seat
Visit your old school
Take your mom to any good movie.
Buy a bunch of Dairy chocolates for your sister
Spend your money for poor man's empty stomach
Post your silly comment on a Friend's Facebook post
Write your love story in the Dairy
Watch the baby's smile
Listen to Musthafa song in one headphone with your friend
Try cooking on Sunday
Participate in Marathon
Visit Holy places to meditate
You'll see your life has been refreshing
You'll love your life like never before
Stay happy with what you have
Sound strange but it'll change the perception of life...