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777 Charlie - Soulful tale between Dharma and Charlie

 777 Charlie film starring Rakshit Shetty as Dharma and Charlie the dog in the lead role, directed by the debutant director Kiranraj.  Dharma is the loner and grumpy who led a monotonous life in an extremely unpleasant and dirty house.  His days were filled with Idly, Factory, Fight, Cigarettes and Beer in a continuum.  Sadly to his familial loss,  he doesn’t pursue any interesting things in his life and has lived with no purpose since childhood.  He wants to be alienated from society.

Under this lifeless existence,  Dharma’s life happens to meet Charlie (dog) who escaped from the torturous kennel to save her life from immense danger.  After their meeting, the film revolves around the emotional journey between Dharma and Charlie.   Their bonding deliberately formulates surreal and light-hearted emotions between the duo. The beauty of the film turns out well when they like their existence and found happiness with each other.  

After the arrival of Charlie,  Dharma’s perception of life changes and tries to be compassionate and empathetic.  Towards moving a good life with Charlie,  there is a piece of shocking news for him Charlie was diagnosed with the fatal Hemangiosarcoma due to the inbreeding practice of ill-treating breeder.  Unfolding the events,  Dharma found that Charlie liked to play with snow.  To fulfil her wish,  he set off on an on-road journey with her to the Himalayas.  The emotional ride to the mountains made the movie lively and fell in love with their bonding thrives as the journey closer to the mountains.

Despite the hindrances and small obstacles in the long journey, there prevail people with kind hearts they met during the travel.  As Paulo Coelho wrote - when you want something in life, the soul of the world helps you to achieve it.  In such a way, travel is made easier by kind people to reach the destination of the Himalayan snow.  Limitless happiness was felt by the duo in the snow which was so refreshing and delightful.  

On reaching the climax,  the emotional journey between Dharma and Charlie made us think about adopting the dogs and getting pure love from their companionship.  In the end, the purpose of Dharma’s life is found in the love of Charlie.

The movie with blissful music and remarkable cinematography elevated the tale to reach your heart closer and the emotions deeper.