Vada Chennai, the locality in Chennai infamous for North Madras people, History with BritishRaj, peculiar slang, Gaana songs, lower strata Hardworking people, Fishermen and Fishmarket, Burmese food, Harbour, Cold blood murder, Bootleg market, Ghettosisation. etc

Vetrimaran, the director of  Vada Chennai tried to filming about the locality Vada Chennai and their underworld from the 80-page note given by his friend of a friend during the pre-production work for his debut movie "Polladhavan".

The movie starts with the blade surfaced with flesh and blood thrown on the table after the murder. Indirectly, the director convinced the audience with the flesh and blood on the blade that Vada Chennai is the raw intense blood-filled gangster film backdrop during the mid-75s to 2000s.  All violence in the film flows from the same source- the need for revenge.  The sense of betrayal coupled with violence had used by every character in the film who seeks revenge.  Revenge is not an end by blood but starts with blood.  

Rajan's death influenced Chandra to revenge those who killed him.  Java Pazhani's murder by Anbu influenced by the need for revenge to who verbally abused the Padma, Anbu's lover girl.  "An eye for an eye leaves everybody blind".  One who wants revenge ends up entering into the world of the blind underworld. Anbu is not an exception, the aspiring carrom board player ended up in the world of Gangsters for the revenge over java Pazhani. Later,  Anbu used as a carrom striker to pocket out Senthil and his pitfall into the prey of  Gangsters.  

The only exceptional character from Revenge is Thambi played by Daniel.  He rehabilitated himself from a gangster and other criminal activities after his brother's murder.  He started engaging in spiritual practice and doing good things for the locals.  Every gangster in Vada Chennai turned like Thambi.  There will be no curling of gruesome incidents.  But, everyone falls under the feet of Revenge and turned into a cold-blooded murderer.

Rajan's character came for less than half an hour in the film.  But, the entire story revolves around the answer to Rajan's death and his fighting for the socio-political rights of the locals.
The director Vetrimaran tried to connect with the story by interlinking the real historical events of Rajiv Gandhi's death and MGR's death into the screenplay.  And how Vada Chennai people react to those incidents.  This made the audience rethink the film as real-life incidents.

The closer to the end with the confession of  Chandra and the rise of Anbu is the director's well-planned idea to create a buzz among the audience that  "Wait and Watch for  Vada Chennai-2"

Why Gangster movie is more popular among moviegoers?
                       People like violence!

Note to the director: Kindly film the further Vada Chennai trilogy in a positive note like Children from the 90s and 2000s started engaging in Education, participate in Football, Bodybuilding, Weight Lifting, even sociopolitical empowerment, and their social mobility.