Malik - the new age Period crime drama

Malik Movie Review

Malik the new age classic cinema from the Indian film industry which is loosely inspired by the Godfather and Nayakan. The story brings the journey of Malik from a petty criminal to the savior of Ramdapally, the coastal town in Western Kerala.

The film opened with excellent cinematographic skill in the first 12 minute shots of introducing the characters and the world of Malik. When Malik prepared for the Haj pilgrimage visit, he was arrested under the TADA act in the Airport for his involvement in Ramdapally violence happened in the town.

The particular violence is based on real violent events occurred  in Beemapally on May 17th, 2009. The street fight between Shibu from Latin Catholic-dominated Cheriyathura and the people from Muslim populated Beemapally took an ugly turn of violence. This prompt the police to open fire on the residence of Beemapally. It was the first time in the history of Kerala where Police open fires against the people. The firing took the lives of 6 people including the 16year old boy- Firoz. Later from the government claimed the open firing was made to control communal violence in entire Kerala.

Initially, Malik(Fahad Fazil) was a young guy who involves in the smuggling of goods from the Middle East by evading the tax for imported goods. Before Liberalisation Privatisation Globalisation (LPG ) reforms, the smugglers involved in smuggling the foreign goods through ships/local boats which has the greater demand in local towns. His line of business made him rise to the world of crime.  Being the Godfather of Ramdapally,  he voiced against the Government harbor project which he felt the project can cause coastal encroachment through soil mining and the displacement of people. The entire show of the film is running behind his arrest and multiple perspectives of single events.

Multiple flashbacks and diverse perspectives made the film intriguing and interesting. The characters in the film are so strong and have a purpose for bringing in every scene. The character sketch of Malik is similar like Velunayakar from Nayakan - the good man for their own people. But the wrong means doesn’t justify good ends. More than a cinema, Malik has a culmination of fictional and non-fictional events with an best acting from the actors, interesting screenplay and editing.  Try not to be missed in your watchlist.