Home : The simple portrayal of how tech widen the gap of emotions

Home Movie Review

Home is the place for growing up and sharing the emotive relationship with kith and kin. The emotional bondage between the family members is unconditional and incomparable due to the co-sharing space inside a home. When we are younger, we expect our parents to spend time with us - talking, playing, entertaining together. And the parents loved to admire each moment of young children. With the advent of digital space and mobile technology, we switch our homes to Social media and started ignoring the parent's affection. We had less time to ask out parents about whether they had dinner or not.  Instead, our time and mind diverted to giving likes to Dinner pictures of random persons. In the digital age, we were gradually moving away from our life to leading life inside the digital medium. The technological shift made our life faster, but slowly getting to the meaningless journey. Tell me, when was the last time you saw your mother’s smile. We are stuck with a mobile phone and digital space, fail to noticing little good things in life and leading a disconnected life. Technology made the world closer but the bondage gap within the family widens.

There is yet another feel-good movie from Malayalam Cinema ‘Home’ the impactful relationship drama with wonderful actors like Indran playing the character of a Father named Oliver Twist who tries to develop a bond with his elder son in the digital age.  He brought the real emotions with ease to the screen on what a father expects on one’s children.  After a few scenes, we can easily make a connection to our life with the movie.  The movie portrays how technology intrudes into our lives and distract the familial relationship and the flow of emotions between the members.

The movie makes you joy, smile, laugh, love and emotions. The movie realised that Home is not a place, Home is a feeling.