Travelling Queen of Hill Station "Ooty" during Monsoon

Wayanadu Travel Itineraries from Chennai to Coimbatore Ooty Itinerary for Two Days where we find the best enjoyable route to Ooty

In the month of October, the northeast monsoon already started in the city of Chennai.  The news media announced that there was a red alert in various parts of Tamil Nadu especially Nilgiris, Coimbatore, Dindugal etc. We can't break the travel plan to our very own close friend final bachelor day in the blue mountains.  Despite the warning of rain and thunder, the journey started by believing the instincts and intuitions.  Travel doesn't require money, superbikes and credit cards, it needs the instinct feeling of pursuing the travel.  When you believe in travelling, travel spirits save you from any kind of awful events.

With the impulsive feeling, the journey started from Chennai.  In the early morning, we reached the Coimbatore city which earned a reputation for respectful speech, which is the queen of hill stations and is the epicentre of every tourist destinations.

Where can we go from Coimbatore City?
Ooty, 84 Kms away
Munnar, 156 Kms away
Pollachi, 44 Kms away
And also other places – Wayanad, Valparai, Mysore, Palghat, Thekkady and the list goes on when we started to explore from Kovai.

Travelling to the Ooty is always a pleasant experience where one can enjoy the natural landscape with cool weather, hot tea, the aroma of eucalyptus, beautiful lakes inside the shola forest.   Instinct feeling provides the idea of travelling to Ooty along the Kotagiri road instead of Coonoor road. Kotagiri road provides a unique feeling of travelling to the blue mountains and it is a less travelled route among the commuters.  On the travel to the uphill, the nature of geography and climatic conditions changes with lush green Tea plantation on both sides of the road.  We stopped at the place for a cup of tea, where we found the beauty of nature.  The sounds of waterfalls when hitting the rocks, chirping sounds of birds, pleasant weather, the aroma of tea leaves, spotting the single roof in the lush green mountains were swept off our feet and our eyes stunned & stopped its movements.  We just sat on the stone bench adjacent to the road where we found nature's beauty and tranquility, listening to the songs most close to heart which sends the electrifying ecstasy signal to the brain, sipping the tea in the hills fetch the feeling of honeydew on the taste bud.  We felt the coolest moments of our travel life.

Tea shop in Ooty hill station

Ooty tea experience

After chilling in the Tea shop, we drove to Catherine falls.  The beautiful waterfalls situated in the midst of Tea estates.  We had a long walk to reach falls through the small trail between the tea plantations.  On the trek, we found the houses of small plantation workers in the slope and after it were down trek to reach the waterfalls.  Senior citizens are not advisable to visit the falls.  The pathway was slippery and it required a careful walk.  After walking for 15 minutes, we entered into the dense region with lush greenery trees and shrubs, sounds of the water and finally we blew down with the serene beauty of Catherine falls after beautiful adventure.  Though the stream flowed at high velocity, we could not have a bath.  But we enjoyed the scenic beauty of nature, drowned into calmness with the sounds of waterfalls, chirping sounds of birds.  At nature's feet, everyone becomes a poet and we are not an exception.

After the trekking journey to Catherine falls, we drove the car towards Kotagiri.  We found the small-sized biscuit factory after Darmona Tea factory, Monana road on the way from Catherine falls.  The aroma of biscuits captivated the attention of our taste bud which persuaded us to buy the fresh biscuits from the factory.  Right now, am getting hard to find the best taste description of the hot freshly made biscuits.   Actually, I never tasted the biscuits like the taste given from the freshly made local biscuits.  I recommend everyone to find the best taste of biscuits from locally made.

After entering Kotagiri we found two roads where the left turn makes you reach Ooty.  We made a plan to take the right turn to visit Kodanadu viewpoint.  The Hill Road was perfectly synchronized with nature, climate and pleasant weather.

As we proceed further on the road, there was a breathtaking sight on either side of the road.  There was no much vehicle crowd on the way to Kodanadu viewpoint. This journey provides us with different emotions on our hill journey.  You can randomly stop at any place and have a wonderful picture with great memories.  Kodanadu is the less explored place among travellers where will get extraordinary scenic locations, a continuous chain of valleys and mountains, waterfalls and dense forest, mist and haze.  I recommend everyone to take at least once in a while and take the kotagiri road to experience a different journey to reach the Queen of hills.

We travel to seek other places, other lives, other souls.

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