SS Rajamouli’s RRR | Movie Review

SS Rajamouli’s RRR

The magnum opus “RRR” directed by SS Rajamouli brought the fictional idea of what happens if Alluri Sitaramaraju met Komaram Bheem during the period of the Indian freedom struggle.  The former fought for Adivasi rights against the British whereas the latter Bheem from the Gond tribe fought against the exploitation done by the Nizams of Hyderabad and the British.

The plot of the movie story is the girl named Malli from the Gond tribe taken away by the Britisher and kept in Governor’s palace in Delhi.  The saviour Komaram Bheem played by Jr NTR from the same tribal group moved to Delhi, disguised in another identity and get her back home from the British.  

 The director personified the character of Bheem as Water and Raju as fire.  Interestingly he kept the meeting scene of Bheem and Raju between fire and water.  In the first meeting, the duo holds their hands together where the train running on the river bridge is on fire and the river flowing underneath.

Rajamouli’s RRR movie review

The screen presence of NTR and Ramcharan we're highly energetic and influential in every scene.  Their aggressive nature and sound physique elevate the action sequences more fascinating and impressive. The friendship between the duo is natural and connected emotionally.  The innocent bheem believed the Ramaraju’s friendship unconditionally. But his heart broke heavily for Ramaraju’s betrayal more than for his inability to rescue the girl from the palace.  From the eyes of Ramaraju, the prime motive is to accomplish the end goal of bringing the father’s(Ajay Devgan) vision of providing weapons to the natives to revolt against the British.  

There were plenty of scenes set beyond our imaginations and the expectations were highly fulfilled by the action scenes such as the Intro scene of Bheem who captured the tiger in the forest, the Interval block where Bheem entered the palace with wild animals,  Ramaraju in Ram attire release the arrow which passes through the fire to kill British man in the forest fight.  The experience of seeing the film was visually grandeur and overwhelming with new-age technology. 

The director filled the film with Friendship, Love, Revenge Betrayal and a lot more edge of seat Actions moments. The RRR film will be visually stunning in 3D and a complete theatre experience.  The film is more appealing to audiences who can enjoy the cinematic liberties and ignore the logical findings.