Interesting Movies and Series to Watch on Netflix
List of films and series recommended to watch on Netflix

Netflix carries many entertaining contents ranging from films to series.  The streaming platform provides a one-month free subscription to watch online content.  After signing up on Netflix,  I'm eager to watch about the drug mafia PABLO ESCOBAR and the series named NARCOS.  Totally there are three parts in Narcos series and each part has ten episodes.  Each episode has a running time over 55 minutes without any commercials.   For completing the NARCOS series,  the total time required 27.5 hours which is more than a complete day.  Once you click the tab on Narcos series, there is no way back of coming out from the Narcos.  After every episode, you can't go out and do something.  You will stick with the life of Narcotic drug peddler.  

NARCOS portrays the events of real-life cocaine smuggler in Columbia, South America in the late 70s.  The crime drama revolves around the rise of Pablo to the status of billionaire and biggest influenced in-country.  The series told from the perspective of Steve Murphy, an American drug enforcement officer working in  Columbia. After watching a few episodes, we paid attention to the life of Pablo Escobar and later we want his arrest eagerly after watching every episode.  This series is high thrilling, engaging and some drama moments within Escobar's family.

After watching NARCOS, I watched Indian version of NARCOS - SACRED GAMES directed by  Vikramaditya Motwane & Anurag Kashyap.  The plot of Sacred games is a puzzle to solve between Ganesh Gaitonde(Nawazuddin Siddiqui) and Sartaj Singh (Saif Ali Khan).  The episodes revolve around organised crime, local politics, Mumbai life, spirituality, cold-blooded murder, money and nuclear terrorism.  The series ended with how Sartaj Singh solved the puzzle provided by Gaitonde and saved the Bombay from disaster.

 The Guruji element in Sacred Games has some relatable with controversial Guru Rajneesh in India.  There is a series on Osho titled WILD WILD COUNTRY.  Its a documentary based on controversial guru Osho relocates his ashram from India after several threats in India to Oregon.  The locals in Oregon state in America was not happy with the visits of Osho and his followers, their newly built ashrams. Sheela, the mastermind behind the creation of Rajneeshpuram city in America even against the retaliation from the local Americans. The documentary provides insights into the controversies behind the Osho(Rajneesh) and his cult movements.

After getting the feel like addiction with series, I started to watch movies from the streaming platform.  The movie with an impressive start with ARTICLE 15 shown the saddened realities of caste discrimination and caste-based atrocities against the vulnerable marginalised lower caste girls.  Ayushmann the upright cop venture into rural India to investigate a double murder. The story is very relevant to showcase the contemporary violation against the people on the basis of Caste.  The social thriller drama with engaging acting from all the characters.

Bareilly Ki Barfi the interesting comedy movie starring the next generation superstars Rajkumar Rao and Ayushmann Khurrana.  The movie revolves around the young spirited girl who wants to marry the person who understands her well.  Her life takes a turn when she meets Chirag Dubey and Pritam Vidrohi.  The interpersonal relationship among the trio said in a comical way with light moments.

  Delhi Crime is the Indian web series based on the police investigation and how they nab the perpetrators of Nirbhay case.  This series showed the difficulties of police officers on performing their duties and mounting pressure from various stakeholders.  The director Mehta conceived the idea of Delhi crime during a conversation with Neeraj Kumar, the former Commissioner of the Delhi Police, who introduced him to the investigating team and provided access to several legal documents that were prepared as part of the investigation.

THE LUNCH BOX which falls into the drama category cinematize the unusual friendship between a young housewife and about to retire old man when Mumbai dabbawala food delivery service made a mistake on delivering the lunch box to a different person.

After the movies, I watched the documentary INSIDE BILL'S BRAIN: DECODING BILL GATES.  This documentary takes us a journey into the mind of Bill Gates.  How he actually thinks, his interest in books, his philanthropic activities and personal relationship with Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen.  Even after becoming the richest person in the world, he has the audacious goals for social welfare. He works on several social projects across the world through Melinda and Gates foundation especially on eliminating diarrhoea in the developing nations, building low-cost toilets, better sanitation to the developing world, producing energy through nuclear power which helps to fight against global warming.  It is an interesting documentary on billionaire thoughts and visions.

Next, the watchlist came THE GREAT HACK 2019  documentary on exploring how a data company named CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA unearthed the data from the FACEBOOK and utilized for the 2016 US ELECTION for TRUMP CAMPAIGN. The documentary stressed the importance of making protecting Personal Data in Social Network as Human rights and upholding Privacy.  This documentary reflects the dark side of Social media and influencing human behaviour through Facebook advertisements.

After watching THE GREAT HACK, the interest rises on me to watch about accidental billionaire MARK ZUCKERBERG. The movie named THE SOCIAL NETWORK biographical drama on FACEBOOK CEO from HARVARD STUDENT TO INTERNET SUPERSTAR.   The movie has the theme of " YOU DON'T GET TO 500 MILLION FRIENDS WITHOUT MAKING A FEW ENEMIES"

THE IRISHMAN from the Hollywood best director MARTIN SCORSESE starring Robert De Niro and Al Pacino. The greatest combination of all time in the cinema which never to be missed off.  The movie is clearly the masterpiece with the genre of emotional mobster movies. Though the movie runs for more than 3 hours but still greater with direction, acting from the legends.

MINDHUNTER the Crime Thriller series based on finding the patterns of serial crimes by investigating the serial killers.  Based on the behavioural science of serial offenders and studying their thought process which helpful for predicting and controlling the future crimes.   The Series directed by the filmmaker David Fincher who directed the films like Seven,  Fight Club,  The Social Network and Gone Girl.