It was a pleasing/ wonderful winter night. The entire room was so dark as I covered myself with blankets to stay away from light and getting deep sleep. It was something romantic to sleep with the sounds of drizzling rain, a den of darkness and cool air. Suddenly, the loud noise reaching my ears. With the half-sleep, I could realize that somebody was knocking the door continuously.  Irritated with the noise and gotta up to see "who the hell monster knocking the door at midnight".  When I opened the door with a half-sleep, suddenly four to five people in the dark entered the room pushed me down and gave a blow after blow.  I must have done some terrible things to them in the previous birth as their hit on me showed like that.  Meanwhile, someone in the gang shouted more than a loudspeaker used in the village festival.  Krishnaaaaaaa.   Happiiiiieeee Birthdayyyyyyyu! Ah, it sounds like Sarath.  At the moment, I don't know what to react "Either kill these crazy guys or to get happy with their Birthday surprise.  Varun opened the cake box and kept it on the table.   Don Mahesh placed a candle on the cake.  The chocolate-coated cake with the writings of "Happy Birthday Krishna" looks awesome.  Sathish took his DSLR and snapped the cake from every possible angle.  He imagined himself as Santhosh Sivan and snapped many shots of the cake.   Arjun told me to cut the cake and I bend down to blow off the candle.  Varun pushed me into the cake and my entire face went chocolaty.   Everybody greeted with the birthday song and Goddamn crazy people hit me with whatever they got from the dustbin.   Don Mahesh must be born as a monkey in the previous birth.   He hit me with the egg,  tomato sauce, Coca-Cola. Oh.  Everybody went crazy and decorated my face with cake and trash to make me look even horrible.   We didn't sleep the whole night and went for a ride in the bike.   It was around 1.30, we stopped the engine at a Tea shop.  Sathish dragged his speech "Can we go Ooty to have some delicious tea over there".  Everybody took a bizarre look at him.   "Why da. Did I commit any heinous crime" said Sathish.  Machan.  These coward people will not come.  We'll go Sathish, said Arjun.   Finally, we made an unplanned trip to make my birthday more adventurous.


We started our trip riding to Ooty with Royal Enfield 500C.  The journey has 15 hairpin bends, wild bushes, the entire forest covered with canopies, sounds of wild birds,  fresh air with the aroma of eucalyptus, cold moist air breeze.  Our riders riding the bullet with the joy of riding in the uphill. We ride professionally following one after another rider.  We couldn't resist the chillness of the atmosphere, my tooth was dancing and the entire body shivering when the cool moist air touches me.  I hold the handlebar tightly and enjoyed the moment of driving.  The silence of the forest and the sound of the engine makes the rider to feel amazing.  The headlight from the bike chases the darkness to find road visibility.  Sathish raised his right hand to stop us immediately.  Varun sitting as pillion rider puzzled why Sathish asked us to stop.  I put on my high beam and found king size elephants standing on the road nearby.  It's standing just around 30m from us.  Every rider switched off the headlight so that the light won't distract the elephants to us.  We were confused either to cross the elephants and wait till the elephant moves away from the road.  At the time, the truck came to rescue our journey to continue.  We followed the truck behind its back slowly and finally bypass the elephants.  It was a heavy sigh of relief for everyone.  We continue the journey in the hill for the next 2 hours and we reached Ooty.  Sathish found the best tea shop and we stopped the engine.   I removed the helmet like an ace rider.  Sarath said Tea for everyone and the shop owner gave a warm welcome. It was a tiny tea shop on the sidewalk but flocked with people in the early morning.  I took tea from the tray and had my first sip of tea at Ooty. The tea had a distinct elaichi aroma perfect for an early winter morning.  The flavour of tea gave me a heavenly feeling.  Meanwhile, Sarath took a selfie and we smiled with Tea.  He instantly posted on Facebook and looking for likes. Madguy! I said.  At the time, Varun hugged me and said " Happy Birthday Krishna'.  I was damn happy about my friends, they made this birthday so memorable.  When we are returning back, I had a feeling of "How the world of mine if Meera with me?.  So many imaginations. Plenty of thoughts, the journey for tea ended.


We finished the next semester and Everybody went for a vacation to their place. I didn't go to my town and I planned to stay in the hostel itself.  It was damn boring to stay without friends in the hostel.  It was a great regret to stay back in the hostel during the semester vacation.  After a certain point, I couldn't tolerate the level of boredom and aloof.  It was raining outside but I want to go somewhere to fight out the loneliness.  I wore the leather jacket(rainproof) and took a helmet.  I put the key on the Royal Enfield and sat gently.  I made a self-starter and heard the sound of tup. tup. tup.  It was awesome to listen to the sound of Bullet.  I raised the throttle and sped away 40km/hr.  Gradually, I found the feeling of  " It is better to travel rather than to arrive".   I didn't stop anywhere and I rode where my heart says.  The raindrops on me during the ride was like dropping honey on the taste bud.  I forget myself and riding to the place which was entirely strange to me.  I gotta struck in the middle of the road and found clueless about the location.  I forgot to bring the mobile on the ride.  "Worse with a mobile phone, damn worse without it".  So I thought to ask for the location to the people nearby.  I found the person in front of me and kicking his scooter to start.  I stopped the bike and about to ask.  The person turned to me, it was Meera.  Two things happened really at that time.  When her eyes met me, there came a brilliant flash that flickered and disappeared.  Moments later, there came the rumbling thunder and my heartbeat skyrocketed when I saw her eyes.  But She was cool and said to me "Hey Hi".  "What happened Meera". I asked.  "I/have tried so many times to start but I'm exhausted". Okay, I help you Meera.  I pulled the choke and kick-start the bike.  My goodness!  Her bike was started and she said oh! Thank you and she asked me my name.  I felt the roar of sound in my heart.  I replied "Krishna". Thank you again, Krishna and she left.  For a few moments, I couldn't recognize anything and asked myself " Was it a dream".   Somehow, I returned to the college hostel and replay those moments in my mind a million times. Those were the cutest moments in my whole life.  On the night, I didn't know when I slept but I still remember the moment when my heart started looking for her.  I decided Meera for Krishna in this birth!

Chapter 9

After a long vacation, the next odd semester starts and We were entering into the Senior zone.  To be honest, we can't control the college and all.  But we can earn respect and some sort of gethu feeling what we don't get in the first year.