Safety tips for Night Driving

Safety Tips for Night Driving

1.Adequate rest

Get some good amount of rest before the drive Ex: If you're driving from (22:00 to 6:00 or 7:00) try to get some rest from (12:00 to 20:00) by this you can avoid some fatigue while driving.

2.Being lite on your food

If you're driving night and having a heavy dinner it's obvious that you may end up falling asleep around (1:00 to 6:00) so be lite on your dinner.

3. Concentration

Driving in Indian conditions always requires extra attention. When it comes to night driving one should pay more attention as the lighting conditions are poor.

4. Keep an eye on the Speedometer

When it comes to night driving one should always stick to the speed limits. High speeds will result in less response time if a situation occurs. Always keep the vehicle in control. But I Know some of the might be not comfortable with this it's up to you just stay in control roads are not the place to race. Go to a track if you want to bring out the racer in you.

5. Changing Lanes

Always stick to the middle lane, which can be very helpful in avoiding any type of pedestrians and animals who will come out of the blue on the extreme lanes especially in India.

Decide early while changing lanes in the night don’t change lanes at the last moment or at close quarters. Use headlight while overtaking the slow vehicle just give a high and put it to low beam. Always stay in low beam even if the one driving from opposite side is on high beam “one being blind is better than two being blind” and don’t focus your sight on the beam from the opposite side which will put unnecessary stress in your eye if the person driving on opposite side is on high beam focus your sight on the left side of the road if your vehicle is right hand driven and right side if your vehicle is left hand driven. Use indicator’s while changing lanes which makes it easier for the vehicle at the back.

5. Headlight's
In India, most of the trucks and buses use headlight's which is beyond the norms,
doesn't mean that you also have to do that.
When it comes to headlight's there are “n” number of options available Xenon, led, halogen and laser use whichever you feel okay but stick to the norms. I usually prefer led and xenon.
6. My secret mantra to stay awake in a night drive
Some use coffee, some uses music, and some uses nap, nap actually helps will come to that later.
Humans will not fall asleep When he is laughing. Apart from that one can fall asleep even while eating. So here is what I do. Used to load my system with comedy's and listen to them for the whole night drive.
7. Being cautious from 2:00 to 5:00
According to reports and from practical experience this is where more accidents occur. Even the pro's used to suffer during these hours so if you're the one who is driving in these hours make sure that you pay more attention. I repeat 2:00 to 5:00 don't forget.
8. Nap
End of the day you may be in a situation where nothing works don't worry even if you went off just for a sec. Don't hesitate just pull over by the side and take nap for 30 to 60 min which is enough for the next few good hours of driving. It's very important that you pull over if you went off for a sec because the next sec may not be lucky for you.
Here are some of my night drive's where I learned the art of driving through the night.
Chennai to Kanyakumari.
My first-night drive followed the basic method of taking adequate rest.
2.Chennai to Goa.
Where driving between 2:00 to 5:00 tested me.
3.Goa to Ajanta Caves.
Where I learned the power of a NAP.
4.Ellora to Hyderabad.
The most Challenging night drive for me. Damaged roads, Flat tire and no adequate rest tested my driving skills, at last, made it to Hyderabad in one piece. A journey which started by 18:00 ended in 10:00) a gruesome 16 hours drive. This is where listening to jokes actually helped.
It’s completely based on my experience. Ride safe, Stay safe.

Authored by

Mahesh, former Sub officer at Central Industrial Security Force(2018)