Drop your Ego

Every life has a different journey, moving in diverse directions, rising high to falling low at a certain point of our life but ultimately everyone meets the universal end of last breath.   So nobody is special to stay in this world forever. There are set of people thinking that we are special and superior, the tendency of urbanite to see villager as inferior,  the attitude of English speaking legends that they are arriving directly from the sky, the super-rich treatment over domestic workers as slaves,  the senior member's behavior to a new employee, the developed countries hostile treatment with the developing countries that shows the universal prevalence of  Dominance.  

Dominance is the hegemonistic attitude of humans to exhibit their power over another individual prevailing in every sphere of the society

Since the birth of history, the root cause of dominance is the Personal mind.  The mind attached to the ego will try to impose power over others.  Like Master impose their hegemonistic nature to slaves, feudal lord over serfs, Employer over workers in Capitalist society.  

Ego is the false identity created by the mind.  "I am Something" "You know who I am".  Individuals attach an external attribute to boost their ego.  Creating a sense of identification with something to exert dominance over others.  The person who attaches the externalities to identify oneself will never be true to oneself.  The person failed to identify oneself will start searching for an identity with transitory aspects.

The true identity is found inside which we need to search deep inside into ourselves.  The real purpose of life is to find the meaning of one's existence in the sphere of life.  When you start detaching yourself from external identity, the journey begins to find your true self and traveling to the path of abating the ego.

Drop your ego completely.  Diminish the dominance.  Make the world a better place for everyone.