Pariyerum Perumal - Film Analysis

The film talks about the brutal societal realities with a realistic element inside the movie showing prevailing inequality, untouchability, oppression, honour killings, communal murders, and other horrendous atrocities against weaker sections in the society.  

The movie starts with the karupu(pet dog) and the motion of a train.  Their relations between the two revealed after a couple of scenes where karupu hit hard by the train.  Here, the director used the setup and payoff principle between the train and karupu(the dog).

FEAR: The protagonist Pariyerum Perumal happily dancing for the song number of his friends near the pond.  His happiness turned to fear after the arrival of the guys from the upper caste group.  This reveals how the lower caste group got threatened by an upper caste in our Indian society naturally.

Later his fear and anger multiplied by the action of upper caste guys who tied Karups in the rail track got hit by the train.  The uncontrolled emotions filled when the protagonist seeing the demise of his dog in front of him.

Conflict of two groups reflect in a tiny pond where one group took bath with their dogs where another group urinates.  This shows the unequal space in the society for the vulnerable group.

Casteist killer felt uncomfortable to share a bus seat with the Periyerum Perumal when he comes to know that he is from a lower caste group.  This revealed the ugly nature of the caste system in human society.

When Pariyerum Perumal demands lecture in Tamil to the Lecturer.  She neglected his demand because she can't provide an explanation in Tamil for a single person when everyone understands in English.  She is indirectly insulted him for his inability to understand English.  But the real ignorance and inability lie not in pariyerum Perumal but in the society where they still think English is the language via knowledge.

Casteist hates to love: As a viewer, the movement of disturbance surrounds when the scenes of a murderer who appeared to kill the boys from lower caste group who fall on love with upper-caste group girls.  His actions are most gruesome and violent murder but he justifies his killings in the name of native god.
In reality, this kind of horrible people present in the society who kill their own daughter and girl's husband in the name of pride and honour.  They consider honor killings. But truly there is no honour in killing their own kith and kin.  It is the most shameful inhumane act of violence.

Marx Utopian World: In reaching the climax, there is a conversation between the girl's father and Pariyerum Perumal.  He told to her father how She is lucky in the world to express all her wishes and desires.  Look at my world, before I express anything.  You have all thrashed my dreams and torn my pieces.   I have to die so many times before I can see what I feel.  The actor is expressing his world of vulnerable how their voices are silenced and suppressed.  Even when her father convinced about change to him. " Things will change tomorrow".  He replied, " Nothing will change as long as you stop treating as dogs".  Clearly, the director shows the egalitarian society remains a dream from the perspective of vulnerable.  When leaving from the college, both girl's father and Pariyerum Perumal expect the world to change where no people will suffer from the indignity, discrimination, social ostracism, exploitation, oppression, and another social stigma.