Maara of Soorarai Potru - The Man with Flying Dreams

Nedumaran Rajangam from Soorarai Potru - How a sparrow became an Eagle;

Soorarai Potru movie review

Maara is a Marxist: He questioned the existing social disorder, where the Rich only enjoys the luxury of Flying. Why not a common man fly- the thought process comes to him from the class consciousness. When he can't fly with the money he had to attend his father's funeral. Maara's dream is to make the common man fly and break the existing Capitalist model of furthering the Rich man's interest. His class consciousness brought revolutionary thought to bring Equality not just in the ground but in the Sky

Maara dislikes Patriarchy: When Subjugation and Domination are the choices of Men, Maara respects his girl Boomi's dream of Entrepreneurship where the glass ceiling was shattered. Boomi counterbalances his frustration and vulnerability out of failures with her strong support system. The relationship between Maara and Boomi is where the Patriarchy dies, Where equality became the reality.

 Never to bow down -I live as a rebel

Keep me down and I'll rise multifarious!

Never give up attitude - Maara was never giving up his idea even everyone against his dream of making the common man fly. He fought for the wall of class barriers to break to lead a visionary path and extraordinary social change.  Even when there is no space to keep his failures, his determination and willpower to struggle to achieve an unflinching dream are beyond comprehension. 

"Taj Mahal never built in a day" - To realize a dream, one has to pursue Patience and Persistence.  Success is not a success when it falls in your footstep.  Success is facing the failures, crossing the obstacles, knocking down the rejection, unbreakable on adversity, and tackling life constraints.  Maara made his success by sinking with the package of non-fulfillment, affliction, and disenchantment.  

 Failure is not an option

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