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Goa Travel itinerary

Bagha Beach Goa

A Journey Unfolds: Chennai to Goa Trip

Goa is the preferred destination for youngsters and people who love to chill around on beaches. We planned a road trip from Chennai to Goa in January. As planned, we made a rail booking through IRCTC - Mangalore Express, which starts at 5:00 PM in the evening and reached Mangalore, Karnataka, the next day morning at 9:00 AM. Before boarding the train, we had coffee at Adyar Ananda Bhavan, Chennai Central. It was truly deliciously strong coffee, the perfect start to the trip.

Chennai to Mangalore train

Window seat goa trip

Departure from Chennai


We boarded the train and were comfortable in the sleeper coach, finding a few passengers in the coach. Regardless of our age, we always look forward to finding a window seat and immersing ourselves in the world passing by from a moving train, observing green fields and blurred trees whizzing past.

Salem Stopover and Culinary Delights

The train reached Salem at 9:45 PM, and an hour before that, we ordered Chicken Biryani from Salem RR Biryani. The hotel had a delivery team that brought it right to our coach. The biryani was mind-blowing - never did we expect such good biryani on the train. It was really tasty, mildly spicy long-grained rice with tender chicken that delighted our taste buds.

 Arrival in Mangalore

After a long sleep on the train, we reached Mangalore the next day at 9:00 AM. The station was well-maintained with good hygiene and sanitation facilities. They also had a refreshing facility, which we made use of. After refreshing ourselves, we headed to Hotel Taj Mahal for breakfast, just 500 meters from the railway station. The old-styled hotel served different tasting dosa than those in Tamil Nadu, biscuit roti, and sheera (kesari). Don't miss these recipes if you visit Hotel Taj Mahal in Mangalore. Overall, we had a good breakfast at an affordable price.

Taj Mahal Hotel in Mangalore

Road Journey to Goa


The road trip started from Mangalore to Goa via National Highway 66. For this journey, we didn't book a car from a branded rental company but instead went with a local person in Mangalore who offered us a Baleno car for 4 days at 1300/day. The West coast journey towards Goa had striking views as the stretch crossed many rivers merging with the sea.


Malpe Beach Exploration


Our first stop on the road trip was Malpe Beach (Udipi), lured by the blue skies and white sand. At Malpe Beach, you can enjoy water sports activities like Jet ski, Parasailing, Banana Rides, Speed Boat Rides, Bumpy Rides, and kayaking. After a refreshing beach bath at Malpe beach, we went to Hotel Thimmapa for lunch, known for Udipi's most popular fish meal. The hotel, which began its servings 50 years ago at home, is now a gastronomic landmark for their tasty fish meals and other seafood delicacies, served in banana leaves with the meal.



Malpe Beach Udupi


Murdeshwar Temple - Coastal Spiritual Oasis


After a heavy meal, we set out for the spiritual place, Murdeshwar Temple, a 1.5-hour ride covering a distance of 105 km from Udipi. The road journey from Udipi to Murdeshwar was quite lonely, where we spotted few cars on the road. Murdeshwar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is situated in the coastal town of Karnataka. The beauty of the temple lies in its location, surrounded by the Arabian sea. The major attractions are the huge statue of Lord Shiva and the 20-storied Gopuram. We particularly loved the scenic spot on the temple top, offering a drone view of the Arabian sea.

Murudeshwar Temple

Murudeshwar temple

Murudeshwar Temple

Murudeshwar Temple

Murudeshwar Temple

Temple on the way to Goa

Temple you can see after Mangalore

Gokarna Pitstop and Night Dilemma


After a memorable evening at Murdeshwar temple, we embarked on a journey to Gokarna, a town flanked by the Western Ghats and beaches on its other side, rising as an alternative to Goa. We reached Gokarna at 8 o'clock at night and parked directly at Mantra Cafe. The ambiance was cool, with young guys hanging around, the sound of the sea, and friends exchanging old stories. However, the food at Mantra cafe was nothing exceptional, just another chill-out place in Gokarna. Since it was a long weekend, we struggled to find accommodation. We missed staying in Gokarna, where wonderful hostel stays like Zostel, tent stays, and resorts are available. Eventually, we had to decide between continuing the search for rooms in Gokarna or starting the journey towards South Goa, which was 130 km away. Unfortunately, even after an extensive search, we couldn't find any room to stay in Gokarna. In the middle of the night, we set out towards Goa but fatigue stopped us at the next town, Ankola, at 1 o'clock in the night.


Overnight in Ankola and Nadibhag Beach Discovery


Ankola is a small coastal town in Karnataka that attracts considerable tourists for its beaches. We drove towards the town, searching for rooms on the quiet road. Luckily, we found accommodation at Sahana Center for the night and had a restful sleep to combat fatigue and exhaustion. In the morning, we regained our energy and visited the nearby beach, Nadibhag beach. The beach's beauty, surrounded by hills and gigantic rocks, was an unexpected yet delightful exploration in our travel diary. If we had directly traveled to Goa, we might have missed this enchanting beauty. This experience made us realize that everything happens for a beautiful reason, a realization that struck our minds. After the beach visit in Ankola, we had breakfast in the town without any expectations. It's when we have zero expectations that amazing surprises unfold. And the surprise was a wonderful breakfast at Hotel Kamet Plus. All the vegetarian cuisine in the eatery was tasty and delicious, concluding the meal with the aroma of coffee. Our decision to stop at Ankola proved reasonable and made the journey more engaging even at a pit stop.


The drive from Ankola to the desired place in Goa was around 80 km, passing by Karwar (Naval base) and the amazing Kali Twin Bridge along NH66. While driving along NH66, we took a left turn after spotting a signboard in English that read "Agonda Beach."

Nadhibag beach

Nadibag beach


South Goa’s Agonda Beach - Serene Paradise


Welcome to South Goa!


Agonda beach is perfect for those who prefer a comfortable crowd, colorful shacks exuding welcoming vibes, and an array of food and drinks to relish. The clean beach, adorned with lush green coconut trees and surrounded by hills, transformed into a serene haven as evening descended. We spent the most relaxing time, feeling the warmth on a cold night, sitting in the midst of the calm beach surrounded by quiet hills. The view of the white-styled moon seeking a groom in the sky while the stars chased after it was breathtaking. This serene sight transcended our thoughts to great depths, challenging expression through words. It was an experience that required firsthand encounter to truly appreciate its beauty.


agonda beach

Stay near beaches in Goa

Audimoolam at Agoda Beach
Workation at Agonda beach
Bagha Beach in North Goa


After soaking in the tranquil vibes of Agonda beach, we ventured to Bagha beach in North Goa, around 80 km from Agonda. Bagha is a haven for party lovers, with its beach dotted with shacks, the famous Tito's night party club, and a variety of clubs and resto-bars. The beach was bustling with crowds, pulsating with energetic vibes. Beaches, indeed, are territories of excitement and relaxation, and Goa showcased this blend flawlessly. The pictures of Bagha Beach evoke different vibes, don't they? When you visit, you'll experience a transformative journey

Bagha beach is the best party beach in India

Bagha Beach in Goa


Bagha Beach

Fontainhas Heritage Exploration

After wandering through Fontainhas, a delightful heritage area in Panjim, Goa, I felt like I'd stepped into a vivid storybook. The streets were lined with vibrant homes topped by terracotta roofs, each one sharing a piece of Goa's Portuguese past. Intricate designs on buildings and cozy balconies created a nostalgic atmosphere. Places like the Chapel of St. Sebastian added a sense of history to the surroundings. Galleries showcased amazing local art, and the nearby eateries treated me to authentic Goan dishes. Fontainhas blended history, art, and everyday life seamlessly, offering a unique glimpse into Goa's culture—a perfect setting for capturing beautiful memories through a photoshoot.

Fountainhas, Goa

The Chennai to Goa road trip was an incredible journey, uncovering a mosaic of diverse experiences that went beyond the usual tourist spots. At every stop, we discovered new landscapes, flavors, and moments that revealed Goa's hidden charms and rich cultural fabric. Each place we visited invited us to explore deeper, offering a unique perspective and showcasing Goa's lesser-known yet captivating essence. It was a road trip filled with surprises, unveiling the beauty and depth of Goa beyond the typical tourist attractions.