Village Cooking Channel The Most Favourite Cooking Channel on Youtube

Village Cooking Channel
YouTube has provided a lot of quality content for the viewers ranging from Education to Entertainment.  Comparable to Entertainment, Cookery show set the buzzes among the YouTube viewers.  Everybody prefers to love food, plausible for a big million hits for cookery shows which stimulate the enthusiasm for food craving.

In the larger list of cookery channel, Village Cooking channel stand tall with their richness in content, brightness with a welcome note "ellarum vaanga always welcome", the delighted smile of the members particularly grandfather M.Periathambi who led the team of four cousins along with Cameraman with a positive attitude.

The opening of the Video like a Bharathiraja film opened with the natural scenic beauty of the village,  adore to listen to the original sound of chirping birds, sounds of meat cutting, vegetable chopping, stone grinding the masala which provides an immense traditional experience to the viewers in the making of authentic south Indian cuisine.

Village cooking channel strongly believes that food is a sacred object and cooking is a sacred duty.  Their way of cooking is extremely divine, an immaculate setting around the green pastures, perfect division of labour from washing the meat to grinding the masala.  

Their entire cookery made in an outside environment with the traditional clay pot and vessels, cooking in an open wood fire which allows certain nutrients and antioxidants to be retained in the food, the traditional practice of using of natural ingredients masala and cold-pressed oil added greater aroma and taste to the food.

 After completing the cuisine, they all sit together and relish the feast altogether in a single banana leaf which reflects their familial bonding and cohesion. 

Food for the needy is the highest charity among the charity.  To make it meaningful, the prepared food will be given to the impoverished in the nearby area at the end of the visual treat video.   The kind-hearted, simple, and humble Village Cooking Channel team reaching high with a million subscribers base on the Youtube platform.