Whiplash -The classic tale of aspiration to achievement

Many of the greatest achievements of the world were accomplished by tired and discouraged people who kept on working.
Whiplash showcased the accomplishment of Andrew an aspiring drummer who pushed his limits to a greater level by unconventional training methods like intimidation and humiliation by the trainer Terence Fletcher.  

Terence fletcher, the trainer in the music academy who is strict, ruthless and abusive against his students to make them reach the highest of excellence and grit.

The film is all about true grit even in awful and adverse circumstances. What does it mean to be great and is it worth the sacrifice?

Even against the verbal and physical abuse of his trainer Terence fletcher, Andrew's stable traits like perseverance and passion for becoming a world-class drummer motivated him harder to prove himself before experiencing repeated hostilities and harassment from the trainer.

Whiplash is the battle between perfection and aspiration.  Fletcher wants the student with grit and determination on their goals.  Andrew has passionate about his goals which reached the perfection from Fletcher's antagonism that pushed him even harder and beyond his limits.

The film conceptualised stable trait-like perseverance and passion need for long term goals even in adverse circumstances.   Individuals with the highest aspiration have to maintain their determination and motivation even in the midst of repeated failures and hardship.  Only the failures and obstacles push oneself tougher and put the best in achieving the goals.  Treating obstacles and hindrances as the stepping stone for accomplishments and achievements. "The art of perfection comes from true grit"