Life Secrets behind Super Deluxe

Super Deluxe Movie Analysis
Super Deluxe film analysis

OUR MIND IS LIKE THE FLYING MONKEY  Why we struggle in life and making life more complicated.  Because we used to think a lot for a single action.  When you have choices in life, you will be confused.  Ultimately when u decide to stick with one option, you will regret "The Road not taken".  And another philosophy " Grass is green on the other side".  So be happy with what u have; living is moving on.

NOTHING IS RIGHT OR WRONG  Don't let society to judge your life.  What Society says now was sinful in the earlier period.  The practice of Sati (udan kattai erithal) appreciated by Ancient literature and so-called society.  Presently, the same society called "Sati" as a sinful act against Humanity. Society keeps changing their belief according to their needs. Our conscience(manasatchi) knows "what is right and wrong".  Follow your conscience and believe it.

ACCEPTING THE DIFFERENCES  Even our fingers are not lookalike.  The world has different kinds of people with different colour, languages, accents, passions, interests, motives. etc.  (Anaikalanalum paravale Asingapaduthathe) You don't need to embrace them but don't insult the vulnerable people in the world with actions like discrimination, ostracization, untouchability, racism, etc.  When the habit of accepting differences develops in us, there will be an inclusive society.

BE LIKE RAASUKUTTY  The character in the movie portrayed by Child Artist Ashwath.  His father is a transgender and estranged father.  But Raasukutty wants him as a father and stands beside him always.  He never worried about his father's sexuality.  He is a father to him and Raasukutty accepts his father's natural differences.  "When we love what is around, the entire world will be loved"

LIVE YOUR LIFE LIKE TODAY IS THE LAST DAY. Most of our suffering is caused by past deeds.  We regret like anything " What happened when I choose Arts and Sciences instead of Engineering" " What Happened When I landed a job in Core companies instead of working in IT company"  Half of the life gone by thinking about the past and regrets.  We have our own life and Every life has a different journey.   Be the King/Queen in your journey.  Bury the past.  Live the Present.  Live and Laugh!  Each moment of life will be magic moments.  Just taste the honey in life and express yourself "Ahaaannnnn"