Kappela on Netflix | Malayalam Movie


The recent take on Netflix was Kappela, the Malayalam film portrayed on the psyche of human's good and the bad; exploring the freedom from the tiny world; patriarchal mindset and status stratification in the society; the existence of humanity for the good one to survive in the world.  The film simply taught the way of life in the digital era with the triangular characters through Jessy(Anna Ben), Vishnu(Roshan Mathew) and Roy(Sreenath Bhasi).  What we see in the internet age is just the projection of image of oneself and manipulation of public at large with the floods of misinformation.  We just believe with what we are supposed to see and there is a lack of seeing everything in a deeper sense.  Kappela is the story of how the person of  innocence exploited and making them weak and vulnerable.

Coming to the plot of Kappela movie, the initiation of an accidental phone call between the strangers which turned into romance.  The innocent girl from an ordinary family in a small hill town(Wayanad) wants to liberate life through the promise of an auto-driver named Vishnu from Malappuram.  What happened at their first meet, either their love blossomed at first sight, question of real love exists.  With all the questions, screeplay made some twist and turns through the characters and as a viewer we'll be judgemental at certain point. We will be confused and struggle to find the real face of the good and the bad.   But the character sketch of Jessy seemed to be clear with innocent, vulnerable and the heart of curiosity.  The story took a turn after the entry of hot-blooded Roy with the little backdrop on him which elevate the attention of the film.  The movie made a twist when these three characters meet at a point where the engagement within the movie begins.

The film emphasized the issue of trafficking, particularly for flesh-trade.  According to the United Nations, the Trafficking refers to the recruitment, transportation, transfer, harbouring or by improper means through force, abduction, coercion to exploit forcefully.  Human Trafficking affects the fundamental rights of the person whose bodily integrity is severely violated.  Even though the laws like Immoral traffic act to penalise trafficking.  The estimates say in India around 65 million people affected by human trafficking.  According to the National Crime Records Bureau, a total of 5264 cases of human trafficking were reported in India in 2018 where 48% were below 18 years old.  The most affected areas are Bihar, Maharashtra, Telangana, Jharkhand, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Odisha and West Bengal. 

This kind of social problems can be solved to the extent by policies and law but to eradicate completely "It lies in HUMANITY"