21 ways to be Successful from the Book "EAT THAT FROG"

There is a greater philosophical divide between Western Society and Eastern Society.  Eastern Society like Asian countries has a strong belief in Spiritualism and Godly matters.  They involved in self-seeking actions.  But Western society values individual achievement and materialistic possession.  The value of materialism keeps higher in western society which motivates the individual to invest time and energy in acquiring materialistic possessions.

With the advent of globalisation, information sharing and inter-continental mobility made the individuals like Bill Gates to invest in philanthropic activities for the common good and other billionaires like Oprah Winfrey who spend their time in practising yoga.

In Eastern society, materialistic values started holding an upper hand among the individuals to chase behind money and fame. Slowly, the success of an individual is measured by their money and their status in eastern society is defined by their materialistic possessions.

"Eat that Frog" the international bestseller written by Brain Tracy who gave 21 great ways to stop procrastinating and improve the productivity which will have a profound impact on your working practices and helps you to achieve the desired results.

Procrastination is a time killer which literally means putting off things intentionally and habitually.  The author helps the reader to provide multiple ways to end procrastination.  Here are the 21 takeaways to improve one's productivity and achieve their desired goals.

1.  Start with the biggest, toughest and most important task to do. This will helps to develop the lifelong habit of focusing on your important task at first thing in the morning.  Work steadily and single-mindedly until the important tasks are completed. Whenever you complete the important task, you feel great about yourself that will improve confidence and self-esteem.

2. It Decides the thing what you actually desires. Make clear about your goals and that don't deviate you from achieving the goals.  Write your goals on the sheet with a definite deadline before working on your dream.  The more the goals on your visibility every day, the greater becomes your inner drive to achieve your goals.

3. Plan every day in advance because proper prior planning prevents poor performance.  Apply 10/90 rule which says that the first 10% of time that you spend planning and organizing your work before you begin the work will save you 90%  of the time in getting the job done.

4. 80/20 rule says that your 20% of  your activities will account for 80% of the value.  This means that you focus on an important task that has high value will contribute more than other tasks with low value.  Choose important tasks wisely.

5. Long term thinking improves short term decision making.  Evaluate the activity that has potential positive long term consequences that are goal-achieving  Think continually about the potential consequence of your choices, decisions to set your priorities.

6. Say no politely to everything that has low value and absolutely not vital for achieving the goals.  Abandon the activities that eat your precious time.

7. Become skilled or qualified which help you to do your work well to achieve the key result area. For instance, learning a new programming language helps software professionals to achieve the key result in the work.

8. Law of Three: Identify the three important task which contributes 90% of the value that contributes to the company.  This will improve your time management and balance your work and life.

9. Prepare everything in advance: Gather all the information, reports, details, paper and work materials that you will require to complete the task.

10. To accomplish a big task, take action inch by inch. Don't swallow the long burger completely but take it one bite at a time

11. Upgrade your skills to boost your personal productivity and never stop learning new things.  Continuous learning is the minimum requirement for success in any field.

12. Alleviating the constraints that hold you back from achieving the goals.  If communication is the biggest constraint for your constraints, work on improving your language skills to alleviate the constraints.

13. Put pressure on yourself to reach your full potential inside you.  This will accomplish more tasks better and faster than ever

14. Be optimistic by focusing on the opportunities even in adverse situations.  Develop a positive mental attitude to look for the good in every situation. An optimist always finding opportunities, seeking lesson from a setback, look fora solution to problems and visualize the goals.

15. Technology is a terrible master.  Just keep you away from techno distraction and destructive addiction.  According to the study, People checking their smartphones about more than 150 times a day.

16.  Discipline yourself to treat technology as a servant rather than a master.  This can be a source of positive, motivating emotions and increased productivity.

17. Focused Attention and concentration are the keys to high performance.  Deviate yourself away from the attraction of distraction.

18. Break the complex task into the simple task by dividing into small parts.

19. Make every minute count and believe the time is precious.

20. Work in the state of flow which is the highest human state of performance and productivity. Your enter "Your Zone"

21. Once you get going, Keep going

Successful people dont do everything. They do only the important things to destined towards their goals.  Share to your friends who are ambitious in life and you wish to be rich and successful.