Paatal Lok - Unraveling the three world in the society

Patal Lok

Paatal lok is 9 episode series adapted from Tarun Tejpal's critically acclaimed book "The Story of My Assassin".  The investigate thriller about an assassination attempt on the high profile journalist by the four killers.  The case has been investigated by the Police Inspector to cover the motives behind the assassination attempt but that takes him to the darkest corridor of the underworld.

There were several references on Mythology which enhance the curiosity and their interpretations were well placed in the series.  They talked about the three worlds in the Universe: Swarg Lok (Heaven), Darti Lok(Earth) and Paatal Lok(Hell).  The series showcased the plenty of violence, so brutal and cold-blooded murder.  There were heavy elements in the series reflecting the contemporary politics, crime politics nexus, corruption, favoritism, caste-based violence, discrimination against minorities, suppression of freedom of expression, fake news and sensationalism etc

Three World of the Society:

The rich and the privileged in the Swarg Lok(Heaven) who has a respectable image in the society and those images are created by the society itself.  They enjoy the comfort of luxury and influence the public opinion.  They monopolize the major power position to protect and further their interests in the society.

The working class in the Darti Lok (Earth) standing between heaven and hell. They work for the betterment of the society which can be evident from their investment of labour-power. They were pushed to compromised life chances due to subordination and domination by the rich and the influential.

Paatal Lok(Hell) the members in the underground who act as Gangsters, murderers and the members who don't have anything for their basic livelihood and survival.  Their deprivation of basic necessities made them deviant and regressed towards disapproved directions which resulted in negative sanctions like punishment and widespread stereotype on them in the society.  

The entire web series is rooted in the cooperation and conflicts between the three worlds. How the upper hands in the society exploit the working class and best utilize the deviant members to further their own interest.   Excessive greediness among the rich, frustration for upward mobility among the working class and cultural deprivation & the delinquent subculture among the lower strata created dysfunctional and disorder in the society. This social reality manifested in the history of violence over generations.

What we are assuming about a certain individual is a false picture of reality and distortion of the true nature of an individual.  The good human is a lover of existence, treats equally to him/her and they don't require any false face and image building.