Minimalistic life during Lockdown

Life became simple and minimal for many after our government announced the lockdown.  The way of life became minimalistic as there were restricted consumption, buying essential items from the grocery shops to put food on the table, pictures of soul searching gastronomic replaced by posting healthy homemade foods in the Social media,  alienated office space with cosy atmosphere turned into simplified "work from home" option, being at home exploring a meaningful relationship and better opportunity for developing family bonding through qualitative time spending, even the young people who enjoy the simple wedding at home with near and dear ones ignoring the fat wedding,  Education became digital where learning happened at your click, there were no big billion days for our conspicuous consumption, there is a change in movie experience by watching the movies from regional to world cinema with one month of subscriptions in OTT digital platform which cost affordable than a theatre ticket for a single person, public started using cycle for mobility rather than gifting carbon emission to the atmosphere , virtual meetings and videoconference among leaders and bureaucrats which enhances the effective time management by reducing travel time and expenditure.

Minimalist life will keep you astonished at having less and suppressed the negative values such as greed and jealousy.   Before lockdown, we are chasing behind fame, money and success.  Now we are in the minimalist state of keeping our family and friends cheerful every day.   Life is simple and earnest. You don't need to move the mountains to make your family happy. Just a simple conversation is enough to delight every relationship.   Minimalism is also a way of life by keeping things simple.

The first step is to lead a minimalist life is reducing conspicuous consumption.  Start from the grocery, instead of filling the cart in Supermarket or online mart.  Still, my mother writes a list of grocery items requires for food and survival needs.  This will adhere to the things which you really require for a month.  This will not only save you out of pocket expenditure but also avoid overuse and wastage of products. 

Detach yourself from attraction over advertisement and promotion in TVs and Social media.  Don't be a targeted audience of Bigger corporations.  Instead, choose the traditional commodities from the farmers and tribal group which is healthy as well as affordable.  Search for the direct procurement from your nearby areas.  Little search can fetch you best product at a reasonable price.

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