Maanaadu - the entertainment with Time loops

Maanadu movie review
Simbu Maanadu movie review

 Maanaadu is a film from Kollywood to take up the concept of Time loop for unfolding political drama events.  A time loop is a plot where the characters in the movie re-experience the same sequence of events with the chance of breaking the cycle of repetition.

The film starring STR, SJ Suryah, Kalyani Priyadharshini directed by Venkat Prabhu who is popular for his movie with Ajithkumar “Mankatha”.

The plot of the movie is the protagonist(Abdul Khaliq)stuck into the time loop where he witnessed the assassination of the Chief Minister for the political motive of the successor within the party.  The entire film revolves around whether the Chief Minister was saved by the protagonist after taking multiple loops.

The execution of the film is neatly presented without any complications on understanding the time loop concept.  There are no typical songs in the film which has the potential to reduce the flow of the film.  It is a clean entertaining film which will be worth the audience time and money.  Within the space of entertainment, the director has sent the right message to society.

There are good and bad persons from every religion, nation, ethnic social group in the society.  Stereotyping based on religion is the evil cause of creating chaos and disorder in society.  It is rare to see a movie to have the name of the protagonist from a Minority community. This film named the protagonist from the minority community which must be appreciable for taking a step against stereotyping.

Secondly, the motive of the protagonist is to save the real executive of the state as well as stop the communal violence bred out of staged assassination. India has seen plenty of communal riots since Independence.  There are a lot of studies which are proven the fact that communal riots occurred to reap the vote bank of majoritarian/minority vote.  This film has rightly promoted the harmony and spirit of brotherhood transcending religious diversities.

Thirdly, political nepotism is present in the contemporary political system.  Our constitution makers were believed in the principle of democracy to have everyone an equal voice and participation in the system.  When political parties encourage nepotism within the party, that shows their reluctance to accept the spirit of democratic values within the party. Then how could the citizen expect the democratic functioning of the state?  

There are certain messages in the movie which are explicit through scenes & dialogue and some are implicit for our own interpretation.  More than a fun-filled entertainment and engaging time loop concept, the film Maanadu must be appreciated for bringing the right message for the contemporary times and thinking beyond the values of entertainment.