Parasite - The movie that capture class inequalites

Parasite - The Movie That Captures Class Inequalities

The parasite is an organism lives in or on another organism for survival.  Similarly, the Oscar-winning Parasite movie conveyed the interdependence and interconnectedness present between the different classes i.e.  The Rich and The Poor.  The movie showed the classic difference between the classes through the localities they lived in, the privacy they relished, the comfort they occupied, the choice they made,  the privilege they enjoyed.

 The poor family lived in the basement of the building where each space occupied to the fullest.  Their poverty can easily spot when the father finished his breakfast with single bread left in it,  elder son searching for neighbour's wifi to use the internet on the phone.   On the other hand, the rich family lived in Porch Bungalow with sensor system to open or close the doors.  Their children have separate customized rooms for each of them to uphold their privacy.

The film shows the various divide between the rich and the poor in society.  Firstly, there is an economic divide between the two classes.    This leads to a lack of quality of life among poor people due to economic impoverishment.  Secondly,  there is a digital divide between two classes in the 21st-century internet age.  When a poor family using the neighbour's wifi line for basic mobile communication service.    Whereas the rich people use digital technology for Smart Homes.  Thirdly, the social divide between the two classes, where rich lives in higher terrain region where the poor family lives in the low lying areas.  Finally, the film talks about how climate change affects the poor at large through massive floods in low lying areas but still, rich people continue their rich comfort.

There is always a discomfort between these two classes which increases the social gap between them.  This contradiction involves the exploitation of one social group over another and there is an increasing social distance.   There are places where only rich people allowed where poor is afford to stand away from the gate.  The poor people step into the world of Rich but as serving the Masters. To reach equality, exploitation must be exploited to make a society in which all members are equal.  And there is an urgent need of removing structural inequalities through Class in Western society and Caste in Eastern society.