Ayyapanum Koshiyum - The movie which gave shape to Ego and it's conflicts

Ayyappanum Koshiyum - Intriguing Drama on Power Play

Among the film industry in India, Kerala has Mollywood which celebrate the lives of the common man and their relationship with society.  Malayalam movies believe in the right script with the right proportionate of natural performance from the actors.  The recent film I watched on Amazon Prime- Ayyapannum Koshiyum starring Prithiviraj, Biju Menon.  The film sets in the natural landscape of Attapatti village in the borders of Kerala and Tamil Nadu.  The village has extensive mountain valley that paved the way for tribal settlements which habituated the tribes like Irular, Mudugar and Kurumbar.  It is believed that there is a maoist movement in the village due to tribal land alienation, the conflict between feudal lords & landless and exposure to Maoist and Marxian ideology.

 The film revolves around the two characters Ayyapan, the police officer and Koshi, ex-military person.  Since the government announced Attapadi village is dry land, there is a restriction on alcohol-free flow in the area.  When Koshi carried the liquor bottle in his car on travel to his town Kattappana in Idukki district.  His car stopped in the checkpost during the combined operation of  Local police and Excise officials.  On an enquiry, Koshi's ego touched by the officials. He started reacting to prove his supremacy over the others which led into an ugly fight.  In this juncture, Ayyapan gave a tight slap to Koshi for controlling the situations.  This created the confrontation between two characters and further scenes built to prove their male aggression and effort taken to prove their superiority over others.

The revolt between Ayyapan and Koshiyum in every scene can be portrayed like the fight between the Lion and Tiger in the jungle.  The intensity of their conflict proliferated with their emotions of ego and defending their status of masculinity.  To prove their manhood, both ready to kill each other.  The film interestingly scripted the ego battle of the duo whom their ego can either transformed negatively or oppressed positively. Whatever! Nobody is above or below to anyone.  Everyone has a different journey to destined desired goals.  In the journey of Uncertainty, Self-realization will be the best weapon to battle ego.