Books to read. And to be loved

Book Recommendation: From Love to Entrepreneurship Reading a book is like taking your soul into Someone's life and experience their love, laughter, sorrow, misery, surprise, guilt, friendship, gratitude, and every feeling of that character.   There were books I liked, I loved and I experienced.  During my college days, when I traveled between my hometown and college town by train.  The books being the best companion during those journeys.  I used to keep at least a book to read on a train where I immersed myself into a journey of the other.  It's like putting ourselves in the shoes of others.  And that's where the journey of my BOOK READING begins.

Chetan Bhagat's books were so popular, his prose of writing is very simple and there is no need of checking the dictionary often to find the meaning for what he is written.  I liked Five Point Someone which was made into Feature Film(Nanban in Kollywood, 3 idiots in Bollywood) the story about three friends and their life at IIT.  The other books never to be missed are One night at the call center, Two states, Revolution 2020, and The Three mistakes of my life.  Recently I read his Investigation thriller "One Arranged Murder" which was a good read to find out who could be the real culprit. 

Love without college is like a train without a window seat.  Love stories were quite interesting in those times to read where Indian authors tried to include their real-life love stories with few fictionalizations in their writing.   The First Romantic book I liked "Few things left Unsaid" written by Sudeep Nagarkar an interesting love story with some twists and turns.  Other books of him I read was That's the way we met and It started with a friend request.  

There were Simple and heart-touching stories such as Ravinder Singh's  I too had a love story, Durjoy Dutta's  Till the last breath, and If it's not forever.   Till the last breath is the love story between the duo who were suffered from a fatal disease and they met in the hospital under serious circumstances.  If you would like to engage in a love story from the perspective of women, you can pick Preethi Shenoy's Life is what you make it and The Secret wishlist

After engaged in handpicked love stories, I started reading some mythological fiction books of Amish Tripathi.  Highly engaging stories of him - Shiva Trilogy they collectively called and the books are The immortals of Meluha, The Secret of Nagas and the Oath of Vayaputras which will surely take you into a different world. Other delightful and gripping to read from the books of Ashwin Sanghi who wrote Chanakya chant and Krishna KeyWhile you are reading these two books, I bet your mind will switch between the Ancient and Modern world.

Here my all-time favorite book - Shantaram which is 936 pages which took me four days to complete the book.   The novel is based on Australian Gregory David Roberts who escaped from prison and flees to Inda.  This novel portrays the real life of people living in slums and his connection with the dark world of gangsters in Mumbai.  This book was like being in a movie where the classic visuals were running in the mind.

Hussain Zaidi is the most famous crime writer in India.  I read his Dongri to Dubai - Six Decades of Mumbai mafia.   The book mostly covered the Evolution of Gangsters in Mumbai where he focused more on the lives of the World's most wanted notorious criminal  Dawood Ibrahim.

If you would like to engage in distinct storytelling,  I would like to say that Just immerse into the world of Khaled Hosseini.  I read his universally acclaimed books like The Kite Runner and Thousand Splendid suns.

Moving into the world of Philosophy from the crime novel, I strongly recommend it to readers who love reading philosophical ideas.  The Alchemist was written by International author Paulo Coelho and The Monk who sold his Ferrari which was written by Robin Sharma.  These two books will unquestionably change your narratives about life and it's wonderful to have a read.  And the other one, the simple book to read but will have a great influence on the mind - Ikigai: The Japanese secret to a long and happy life.

Today is the generation of entrepreneurs,  everyone likes to walk on the path of Entrepreneurial journey.  Every success of entrepreneurs starts with a groundbreaking idea to create a value to the world.  “Zero to One” written by Peter Thiel offers a visionary perspective on entrepreneurship, urging us to innovate and create something entirely new.  This books helps the individual to guide on how to create value in the world through entrepreneurship.  Secondly, “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight is a book about Nike and how it started.  It tells the story from the Nike Founder Phil Knight about the tumultuous early years of Nike, how the company faced tough times but didn't give up.  Its an interesting and inspiring book about never giving up. 

To be continued.