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KD Karuppu Durai Movie Review

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There is a tradition in the Southern part of Tamil Nadu that has the yearlong practice of Senicide(Killing the elderly using oil and coconut water) by their family members.  Even though the practice of Thalaikoothal is illegal in India and it is socially accepted as a form of mercy killing in rural areas.

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The movie KD Karuppu Durai has the concept of Thalaikoothal where the male protagonist Karuppu Durai(KD) suffered from a Coma for the last six months.  The family decided to kill him with the practice of  Thalaikoothal.  On the day of traditional practice, he suddenly escaped from Coma when he found that his relatives planned to kill him.  In the early morning, he escaped from his home to get away from mercy killing.  On his journey to nowhere, he met the 8-year-old streetsmart Kutty who was raised in the temple premises.  The story further revolves around the relationship that evolved between the old man and the boy from fighting each other for a place to occupy to the realization of true affection between each other.

Engaging Portrayal of Life and Relationship:

The most disturbed soul is devoid of true love even from his kith and kin.  He decided to move towards a new world leaving all his wealth and treasure.  He just wants to spend the rest of his final days with a sheer lack of aspirations towards life and the purpose behind living until he met Kutty.   Kutty created a new world for him where he enjoyed his companionship, finding the real purpose of life, and living the moments that he would like to be filled in his life.

Create Your Wishlist

Every human has the desire to live better, live the way they want.  But being a prisoner of circumstances, they couldn't able to do the things that they wished to do.  Those desires are not like building a Taj Mahal for a girlfriend, a space journey to Mars planet, Getting a Nobel prize for their work. etc  The desires are minuscule and it is subjective in nature.  To make life more meaningful, Kutty asked KD to list out Ten things that he likes to do in Life.  KD could figure out 9 wishlists in life, like Eating Briyani, Acting in a movie, Seeing the girlfriend again who was separated during his adulthood, Riding a bike with his old friend as a pillion rider, Wearing a suit, Donning the role of MGR, Travelling in AC train, Do the desired work.  But he couldn't figure out the 10th wishlist.  After completing all the wishlists along with Kutty, KD loved the way the life they went.  More than the wishlist, he started enjoying the companionship with Kutty.  

The essence of the way is Detachment

There is a time arrived for KD to detached from Kutty.  Since Kutty got the opportunity to pursue Education in Chennai.  Initially, KD reluctant to send Kutty to Chennai where he couldn't think about his life beyond Kutty. Understanding the gravity of Education and the future of Kutty, he made up the mind to send Kutty to Chennai.  When he conveyed the matter to Kutty, the small boy couldn't figure out life without KD. Upon the last unwritten wishlist, KD asked Kutty to move out for pursuing Education.  Later, Kutty agreed on the detachment to fulfill the KD's wishes. There are relationships where we didn't cross a month of knowing each other, there will be a feeling of having long years of love and friendship. Those were the Unconditional love in life like a precious stone found in the ocean.  When we thought of keeping the relationship long-lasting, there will be the most painful waiting in life to distancing away from the person who showered Unconditional love.  But the separation will truly realize the importance of having true love and relationship in life. Separation is inevitable for any form of relationship.

 The incredible tale between the duo put faith in humanity, affection, and relationship.