Movies worth the watch on streaming platform

Shutter Island is an American Neo-noir film directed by all-time favourite Martin Scorsese with Leonardo DiCaprio as the lead role.  The film revolves around the US marshal Teddy along with his colleague Chuck to enter into a remote island to find the missed patient Rachel and Andrew Laeddis in the psychiatry hospital.  As the investigation deepens, Teddy explored the inner secrets of his life.

is about the petty thief desperate for work, accidentally entered into the world of crime journalism when late one night he comes across an accident being filmed by a freelancer who making money out of video-graphing accidents, robberies and fire scenes. 

Shining is a psychological horror film about the writer agrees to take care of a hotel which has violent admonition past.   Jack being a family man, takes his wife and son to the hotel throughout the long winter nights.   Due to isolation and the demons of the hotel had a claustrophobic effect on Jack and the circumstances made him into insanity. 

Fight Club is the movie against materialistic possessions which established as a cult film directed by David Fincher.  An insomniac office worker and soapmaker formed an underground fight club an underground society of men to free themselves from the clutter of modern consumerist life.

The Departed is  Crime thriller drama to capture the Irish gangster in South Boston.  It is a cat and mouse game between an Undercop and mole in the gang to identify each other.

Scarface is the top gangster movie in Hollywood where Al Pacino played as Tony Montano, a Cuban immigrant turned into the empire of the drug cartel in Miami.

The Big Short is based on a handful of investors exactly predicted the 2008 financial crisis know as subprime crisis due to Housing backed mortgage securities was a bubble about to burst.  So they bet against the Mortage securities and received the lump sum amount at the end when the whole economy was in greater crisis.

Se7en is one of best crime thriller directed by David Fincher based on two detectives played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman who hunt a serial killer who murdered based on seven deadly sins.

Extraction is packed with action stunts where the protagonist involved in the mission to rescue the kidnapped son of the International drug lord.

Mystic River, the best film from my way of seeing the cinema.  The movie about the three childhood friends and years later how they connected with the incidents of murder.

Oldboy is the Korean top-rated film based on the man who abducted for 15 years in a cell and released voluntarily to seek revenge for his abduction.

Memories of murder are again the Korean mystery film directed by Parasite director Bong Joon Ho based on a real incident in a small province in South Korea during the 1980s where the detective found difficulty in finding the unknown culprit of multiple murders.

Super is the Kannada cinema directed by Upendra about the utopian India where Indians are wealthy and being the richest nation in 2030.  This movie provides the best message to be a responsible citizen to make India great again.

Love Mocktail is a roller coaster ride of the protagonist who finds the meaning in the search for true love and soul mate during the various stages of his life

Dia is the life of an introvert girl falls in love and her emotional journey of falling in love.  A heartwarming tale that leaves you emotional at the end.

Gantumoote follows the life of Meera and her journey of first love set in the 90s.  The film showed from her perspective of love and emotions.

Birbal Trilogy is an entertaining thriller based on the wrong acquittal of an innocent bartender in the murder case and how the protagonist as a lawyer helped the innocent from the case after 8 years and find the real murderer.

Mayabazar 2016 is a comedy crime drama revolving around the honest policeman involved in a heist for his wife hospital expenses.  So he formed a team with conman and unemployed to stole the money from the Richman during the days of demonetisation.

Ayyapanum Koshiyum is the Malayalam thriller drama revolves around the confrontation between the two characters Ayyapan and Koshy to prove their male aggression and effort taken to justify their superiority over others.

Trance is the best performance movie from Fahad Fasil who played as Viju Prasad, the motivational trainer undergoes various ups and downs in his phase of life.  It is an engaging film which showed the other side of the business of Religion.

Nonsense is a Malayalam watchable film revolves around the school guy who has a passion for BMX sport who is a loser in school but emerged as a winner by his humanitarian act.  The film showcased the meaningless fight in the name of politics and religion that often cost normal lives.

Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya is a Telugu comedy thriller film based on the detective in Nellore finding the case of multiple murders in connection with the religious practice.

Hit (The First Case) revolves around the Cop undergoes traumatic past who solve the missing girls for personal reasons in the city of Hyderabad.

Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo is a pure commercial entertainer on what happened rich kid swapped to a middle-class family When knowing the truth, the protagonist entered the Vaikunthapurram, the home of his real parents and confront those who act against his real parents.

Tumbbad is a period horror film sets in the region of Maharashtra.  The movie adapted from 'Anolkhi Disha Part 3' written by Narayan Dharp.  The movie deals with the concept of Greediness and a strong desire for materialistic possession.

Crossing Bridges the movie from the state of Arunachal Pradesh which explores the tale of a young man lost his job due to bankruptcy of his company in Mumbai.  After being jobless for a year, he returned to his native village in Arunachal Pradesh.  As he waits for job offer again from Mumbai, the culture and the way of life in his native began to have an impact on his career choices.  The movie is the search of one's identity and to find the answer for what he belongs to.

Psycho is a Tamil psychological crime thriller based on child delinquency and its consequential behaviour ended up in killing young girls.  The story revolves around how the blind man saved his girlfriend's life from the psycho serial killer.