Love Trilogy of Sandalwood

Finding opportunities for watching Kannada movies is limited for people from outside the states of Karnataka.  Over the top media service (OTT Platform) like Netflix and Amazon provide the cinema lovers to watch interesting cinema from other languages.  Recently watched the Kannada movies like Gantmoote, Dia and Love mocktail.  I can call these movies as " Love Trilogy "   of new generation Kannada movies.   All three movies based on Romantic genre with tragedy at the end.  Definitely, these movies will fetch our nostalgic impressions and easy connectivity with the real-life incidents in our life made us feel closer to the movies.

Every love story in Indian movies told from the masculine perspective.  It forgets to bring the perspectives and emotions of love from the minds of the feminine.  But the movies like Gantumoote and Dia provide the cinematic experiences of Love from a female gender perspective. Like how the characters like Meera from "Gantumoote" and Dia swarop from "Dia" fell in love with their heartthrobs which broke the stereotype of  "boys only fall in love with the girl at first sight" shown in most of the Indian romantic movies. Both Meera and Dia Swaroop discovered their life through love and emotions.

  High school age romance in Gantumoote showed the innocence inside the love.  Because in school life, there is no big explanation for love.  It happened to be just "I like him or I like her" that was the simple explanation for being in love.  Maybe, the liking of the desired person based on the lookalike of movie stars.  Like Meera falls in love with the Madhusudhan after she sees Salman Khan(Hum Aap Ke Hai Koun) in him.

 In Dia movie, she developed a crush with the admiration of her senior Rohit during her Biotechnology college days.  The love Karma works when they met in the same apartment in Mumbai where they developed the relationship.  Suddenly, the life between Dia and Rohit vapourises after the unfortunate event.  When Dia found clueless and unworthy about her life, Adi came as a miracle to the life of Dia to unravel the purpose of life like how Madhusudhan for Meera in Gantumoote to find the purpose of her life.

In "Love mocktail", after the failed past love experience of "Adi" ( Software professional).  On the advice of his friends, he met and date the girl "Nithi" who is working in the same office.  Their love started to grow like a Typical IT industry package of love stories.  Later they proved the marriage intensified their love between each other.  Nithi's love for Adi made a realization to him that true love happens only once in a lifetime.

All the three movies have similar emotions of love but in the different age of generations.  The first two movies said from the inner emotions of girls whereas the Love mocktail filmed how the man expressed his love with the women he loved.  But all the three heartwarming tales that leaves your eyes misty in the end.