Post Corona. How our life would be?

Yes.  Corona Pandemic is a big setback for most of the humankind in the world.  Nobody in the world ever thought we'll be restricted ourselves in homes, feared of getting affected by viral diseases when contacting the other person,  panic in the minds of getting sick when going out for buying grocery, even sticky friends become like a long-distance relationship separated by geographical barriers- making fun on video calls, communicating through chat resources. And forcing the friends who don't have any idea about Netflix series in his life but suggesting him to watch macha Sacred Games, Narcos, Stranger things, this, that.etc.  After crossing one week of lockdown, officegoers found 'work from home' totally a disaster option ever in their working life.  He/She neither enjoy being at home nor working peacefully.  In the first week of lockdown, there are people those who don't even pick their spouse calls and busy working found the lockdown as "unimaginable stuff".  Gone mad and calling even the customer number in the network.  But after passing every week of lockdown, there is a Zen realization in them.  "This too shall pass" due to varied reasons.

After a month of lockdown, he found the calling of life.  When we live a simple life with our family, its beautiful and building memories.  When we think economically, even in metropolitan cities less than 15k is enough to pass the month. Running only behind the money is not the ultimate purpose of life.  Money should not predominate everything in our life. But happiness, joy and our own individuality predominate our life.  Being content is the true luxury and ultimate sophistication of one's life.

  In Sociology, there is a term called Stratification which means unequal rewards and privileges to the different position in the society.   Certain positions are functionally important that is highly rewarded and respected in society.  Sociologist like Davis and Moore argued Managers are important than routine staff since the later is dependent on the direction of Managers.  Amid COVID-19 pandemic, occupations like sanitary workers, paramedical staff,  Policemen/women are functionally important positions doing greater sacrifice for the well being of the citizens in an entire nation.  They deserve respect and kindness from the society post corona pandemic.

When we just exist in the earth like what we doing in lockdown, there is no harm to the environment.  Rivers like Ganga, the Yamuna getting cleaner and holy, witnessing a large number of flamingoes in Navi Mumbai, there is a reduction in air pollution level where humans we are breathing absolutely fresh air in the atmosphere even in most polluted cities. Natural life returning home where Birds are chirping in the melodious tone that easily spotted to our sensory organs.  Earth is smiling again and it's beautiful to see her smile.

Post COVID-19, how our life would be.  Simple, it's up to us.