Tumbbad - “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.”

Tumbbad is a psychological horror film from the Marathi film industry.  The movie adapted from 'Anolkhi Disha Part 3' written by Narayan dharp.  The movie deals with the concept of Greediness and the protagonist strong desire for materialistic possession.

Hastar the fallen deity portrayed in the film believed to be the first son of Goddess Earth.  She had lots of wealth(Gold) and food(Crops).  But Hastar was greedy and taken away all wealth(gold) from the Goddess Earth.  Before Hastar took away all the food and the other children of Goddess Earth chased him away.   Goddess of plenty decided to save Hastar and pulled him into her womb. Hastar continued to live inside the womb with a curse that he could never be worshipped.

Vinayak the protagonist found the treasure in Tumbbad village with the help of his ailing grandmother.  Once he found the way of getting old which made him pay his debt and made him super-rich.  He was hunting the treasure(gold) from the God Hastar inside the womb of Goddess Earth.

There is a quote " Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed.  Similarly, the greediness of Vinayak extended to the greatest level that paid the price at the last.  The greedy person never is contended and he always wanted the quantitative transformation in his life.  Greed is the unintelligent effort of the person to make his life meaningful. But quantitative change can never transform your life.  But qualitative change can make your life meaningful.  Inner richness will make you aware of real life, the importance of relationship, understanding oneself better.

A greedy person can earn a billion dollars at the end of life.  But when he turns around of his life,  money and relative deprivation would always accompany him.  The richest person like Warren Buffet and Bill Gates engage in philanthropic activities to decrease the degree of greediness.  Be happy with what you have.  If you have more, be happy in giving.  But don't waste your life in comparing others comfortable with your comfort.

Coming back to the movie, Tumbbad provides the new experience of watching visually stunning old bedtime stories.