Socio Political message from Sarkar

Sarkar, the controversial film talks about the relevance of voting rights for every citizen in our country.  Our Constitutional makers believed in democratism and provide Universal Adult Franchise to enable people to participate in the process of election without any discrimination on the basis of sex,  caste,  creed.  The minimum age to achieve voting rights is 18 according to the 61st constitutional amendment.   The film stressed the importance of the Voting power of citizens and creating awareness about Section 49P under the Election Rules of conduct  1961.  Section 49P states that If a person's vote subjected to an illegal vote, he/she can get his/her vote back under this provision.

Importance of Single vote:

In the 1796 congressional debate,  English becomes the official language of the United States defeating the German language by one vote.
In 1875, One vote changed France from monarchy to Republic
In 1923, Adolf Hitler achieved leadership  of the Nazi party by one vote

The right to vote is a Constitutional right

As a citizen of India, One must believe in the voting system and cast their votes to elect their own representative or him/She can choose Section 49 O(NOTA) under Election Rules.
Taking money for a vote or avoiding the use of voting rights on election dates made the political system maligned and losing the credibility of the election process.
Every citizen must utilize the voting opportunities to elect the best representatives in their respective constituencies.

Statistics about Tamil Nadu Electoral draft on 1st September 2018

Total number of voters in TN     5.86 crore
Female voters                              2.94 crore
Transgender votes.                       5184
Male votes.                                   2.88 crore

The legislative assembly having the maximum number of voters is Sholinganallur(6.07 lakh crore)
Minimum number  of voters from Chennai Fort (1.64 crores)

In the history of the Indian election, no election achieved 100% polling.
Our citizens have an extraordinary power on one day to decide the future of nations.
It is our responsibility to vote and the biggest opportunity to achieve the vision of Abdul  Kalam Sir.

The film criticizes the freebies culture common in Tamil Nadu politics.  Instead of providing freebies, the government can take steps to improve the livelihood of farmers, building the roof of Schools and Toilets, increasing employment opportunities, improving credit availability to startups, improve the investment in research and development.

Identify the best and eligible candidate from our locality.  Encourage them to participate in contesting elections.  Let the qualified and honest representative lead our constituencies.

Verdict: The power of people is stronger than people in power!