When Work becomes Life, balance is lost.

"Man is greedy in making money"

They never satisfied with how much they earn.  Their incremental in salary/profits are directly proportional to a multiplier of demands and desires. He earns money not for meeting his needs.  But he ran behind money for his desires and greediness.  What happened was, he lost his emotive relationship with the family and friends.  His children will be deprived of love and affection from him.  Frequent fight and quarrel inside the house.  The pressure explodes and made him drink.  Then being addicted to drink and he is literally bad to the entire society.

What happened when you lead a balanced life.  You find time for yourself and improves your relationship with the family and friends.  Your level of happiness will be manifold.   A happy mind and good conscience will improve your performance at work.  You will be rewarded and maintain a  dignified profile at the office.  This will reflect at home and spread a positive feeling towards every person at home.

Corporate culture is the maximization of profit by incentivizing western culture.  Increasing suicidogenic current among IT employees due to excessive pressure and shift in the biological clock.  Corporates and companies must ensure enabling working atmosphere by desktop plant maintenance, growing indoor plants.  Visibility of green at the office will ensure a positive effect on working minds.  Travel incentives to encourage travel employees.  Most of the companies don't even pay a regular salary on time. So, it has to be improved in order to keep the employees happy.  Senior excessive dominance over employees must be stopped.  Everyone born as human and dies as a human.  Treating employees with dignity and humanity reflects the qualitative nature of the company.  This would improve the working atmosphere for the employees and they would improve their performance doubly than before.

Work-Life balance is possible by the trilateral effort of an individual, society and an organization.  Amidst the COVID 19 pandemic, the IT and ITES shifted to new generation work atmosphere 'Work from Home' to maintain social distancing norms wherein remote access is shared.  Companies like TCS already announced that 75% of their workforce will permanently work from home to achieve the Secure Borderless work model.  This working model reduces its expenditure on Office rent, Energy bill, Operation cost, Transport cost. etc

Employees found it is time-saving on the commute, they can spend on their hobbies, having more sleep and get more work done comfortably without exposing to traffic, pollution and commute stress.
More women will joined the workforce when work from home is an option for contributing their skills.

There are potential ill effects on Work from Home model like less exposure to socialization can harm mental health.  Creativity and Team-based collaboration would be hindered to achieve collective goals.  There are technical and security related issues in using the Internet connection from mobile phone and conducting virtual conferencing through Office suites.  There will be role blurring between work and home which affects the family dynamics and decline in work productivity.

Work from Home may be a new norm in the work culture but suited only for certain industries and definite job profiles.  The company has to best design the working policies for bringing the conducive atmosphere for the employees to improve productivity as well as enhancing the family dynamics.