Before EATING CHICKEN, Read this!

You got the mouth-watering yummy feeling after seeing this chicken. Right! 
There are some interesting facts about the Chicken we are eating every week in our house and the exclusive chicken eatery shops.
Colistin, the antibiotic drug called as 'the last hope' used to treat sick patients critically ill with infections.
This drug colistin is now used highly in Poultry farming for their chickens to gain weight faster. So, they gain more profit from fatty chickens.
Chicken suppliers in their poultry farming provide colistin drug to their chickens for their profits. Continuous use of drugs in chicken will develop resistance for bacteria present in our surroundings. Colistin-resistant bacteria will spread to all over the places. If the bacteria spread into our body. Doctors won't have effective drugs to treat deadly infections. This will cause severe health issues and even multi-organ failures in our human body.
Medical scientist condemned the use of the antibiotic drug in chickens because of the severity of the effect on humans.
Europe banned the use of drugs in non-humans.

We buy. We eat. Without knowing the cause and effect. Spread and raise the awareness