Mamooty's latest political drama film - ONE

Mammootty One Movie Review

Kadakkal Chandran played by Mamooty as the Chief Minister of Kerala who dreamt of passing the bill includes "Right to Recall". It is the political concept where the MP from Parliament and MLA from State legislature need to resign his seat if the people from the particular constituency dissatisfied with the performances of legislators. The voter has the power to remove the elected representative before the expiry of the five years.

Anna Hazare the social activist who led the movement against Corruption. He sought empowerment of people through the Right to Recall the legislators because of mediocre performances.  

The film brings the powerful concept to make legislatures accountable for their actions during the tenure. If they failed to satisfied the expectations of voters, they can be removed by the voters from the constituency. Kadakal Chandran faced stiff opposition even from his party for passing the bill. He tried an immense effort to bring the bill to Parliament as well as ratifying the bill in the state assembly. Unfortunately, only 14 MLAs in the state assembly supported the bill. Since the bill failed to pass in the state assembly introduced by the Chief Minister which led to the defeat of the Kadakkal Chandran government.

Why the bill is so important to him even at the cost of the dissolution of his government?

The bill has the power to remove ineffective and corrupt representatives from the assembly. It aims to provide accountable, responsible, and transparent governance for the welfare of the public. It provides the voter to correct their past mistakes for voting for the wrong persons. The people no longer need to wait for another 5 years for changing the representatives. The power will be vested among the public to decide on whether the representatives can continue/be removed from the office.  

This concept was utilized in 2008 wherein three local body chiefs in Chattisgarh were de-elected by the people under the Chattisgarh Nagar Palika Act, 1961.

The film also touched on the concept of Upward Social mobility where the son of Barber became the Chief Minister of State. The chief Minister played by Mamooty gave an impressive performance and his screen charisma was a delight to watch.