Unveiling Tamil Nadu's History through Tamil Navigation YouTube Channel

Tamil Navigation The man behind the Tamil navigation youtube channel 

    With the advent of technology on high pixel resolution cameras and the popularity of YouTube, the excitement to take up vlogging as a full-time professional blogger is at a greater notch. Likely Karunakaran from the Virudhunagar district of Tamil Nadu decided to quit his marketing job and started his business on its own. When travelling to different places for a business trip, he started shooting videos and posted the videos on youtube. Later the interest developed on his mind to become a Vlogger, the portion of the money he kept for a business invested on his vlogging expenditure. This is how the adventurous and informative channel created on Youtube named "TAMIL NAVIGATION

     Karunakaran has its style of welcoming his audiences "Ellarukum Vanakam, en Peyar Karuna" (Greetings Everyone, My name is Karuna) that positive note attracted majority of viewers and has separate fanbase of the Tamil Navigation Channel. He can be considered as "Hill Youtuber", since his videos on Tamil Navigation Youtube channel focussed more on visiting the hills, finding the archaeological shreds of evidence and historical traces. His simple and sheer explanation on the place of history gave rise to popularity and promotion of the channel.


Tamil navigation must be viewed for its informational, visually engaging and most importantly unearthing historical traces and evidences. What's even more special about the channel is keeping Thirukural with an explanation which embeds ethical values within their video. Lucid historical explanation on the historical connection of the forts, temples and palaces enhanced further with equally course instrumental music and bird's eye visual made the content appealing and robust to the viewers.

     With the interest on Spiritual and Cultural heritage, the journey of Tamil Navigation started to explore the unexplored spiritual places and potential archaeological sites in South India. The major focus of the videos is to provide highly informative to the viewers on historical shreds of evidence. Among the best Vlog, the arduous trekking to Velliangiri hill where the altitude is above 5000m sea level. He clearly explained the travel itinerary from the base to crossing seven hills, strenuous task to reach the temple at the top of the hill.

For creating quality and good content, there is lots of research needed. To make it more grandeur and visually captivating requires additional efforts. In that case, Tamil navigation never exhausted to bring both the quality and enthralling video content to the audiences which are strongly evident from the latest videos.  

     Importantly, Tamil Nadu has a rich history of culture and traditions that can be evident from temple art and architecture, inscriptions and scripts. Keezadi excavations showed that the Tamil community is the oldest community lived with urban form of civilization known as Vaigai Civilization. Excavations uncovered tools, pottery, tiles, trade links with other regions, red and black earthenware engraved with Brahmi script. Knowing about our history is not only about learning but also about the cultural development of oneself. Tamil Navigation Infotainment channel brings the old history of various regions in the digital forum. 

     The onus efforts of Tamil Navigation is gradually appreciated among the audiences and there is a long mile to go for fulfilling the responsibility of bringing our ancient cultural aspects closer to the people through the digital kingdom.