SP Balasubramaniam the Singing Legend

 Personal Reminiscences to SPBalasubramaniam

        Television Channel during the 90s introduced the great Playback Singer SPB to me not as a Singing Moon, but as a wonderful actor from the film "Kadhalan".  I admired his childlike enthusiasm brought charmness to his portrayal of the supportive and affectionate father to the protagonist of the film.  Indeed, the experience of listening to his great melancholy on the clear cold memorable evening, was "minnale nee vanthathu enadi" and I was awestruck with the beauty of his voice and lyrics.  His voice is like a dewdrop on the roses in an early autumn morning. Such a mellifluous sound of him adds beauty to the beautiful words of any language.  In the later age of adolescence, I could understand that song much better, deeper and understanding the true inner emotions behind the song.

        Still, I remember when I did my schooling, I suggested out of enthusiasm "Nadha Vinodham" song from Sagara Sangamam/Salangai Oli movie to my class teacher who coordinated Bharatha Natyam for School Annual day functions.  I strongly agreed that everyone will never forget the combination of Musical Maestro Illaiyaraja, Kamal Haasan and our darling of masses SPB that was evident from many songs like Unakenna Mele Nindrai, Sippi irukudhu, Enna Sadham, Valayosai, Tere mere beech mein. etc

         Early morning motivation from the music channel playing "Oruvan oruvan Mudhalali" set me the energetic start of the day in school days.  His high-pitched but very controlled and pleasant voice to lyrics like "pooparika kodali etharku"/ why we need an axe to pluck a flower made some sense about our actions.  After oruvan oruvan song, the expectations on Superstar introduction songs increased to a greater level before every Superstar film release.  The expectations are on the greater notch to listen to SPB voice for the Superstar for the upcoming film "Annathe"


The melodious voice of SPB has the versatility to connect with our various levels of emotions from joy, separation, love.  In that way, the songs from Duet "En Kadhale En Kadhale" and Kadhalar Dhinam "Kadhelunum" will create the feel to celebrate the warm, gentle, and fascinating love in our heart.  Recently, I was closely addicted to a couple of Kannada songs like Naguva Nayana song from Pallavi and Anupallavi and Jotheyalli song from the movie Geetha.  The best part of SPB songs is that we can connect his song with any sort of situations we are living in or any emotions we are carrying on.

        The versatility in his voice and thousands of songs created magic in the world of music.  We are all fortunate to grow up along with his songs and we should be thankful to him for making our emotions more meaningful.

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