Mother an epitome of Unconditional Love

The love of mother for their children cannot be quantified, it is infinite and immeasurable.  For instance, a mother on a solo ride traveled 1400km to get her stranded son in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh amidst COVID 19.   Mother always wanted to keep their children in a protected environment.  No mother wants their children in awful conditions, they want them to be safe and protected.  Every mother has the best proportion of love and anxiety which made them be so protective of their children.  Their nervousness is proportionate to the number of calls they made.

Their intensity of love reaches the zenith when the children in depressing conditions.   They cannot confront the suffering of the children in distress.    Their consolation either in the form of tears or trying in getting us away from the hardship. To come out from the great anguish, there is no better world than mother's lap and love.

In the world, we are judged by materialistic ownership, power, privileges, success, failure, good, bad, ugly.etc.  There is a place of the heart where still we are the same person to them from the day of birth to our last breath, we will be still a child to our mother.  Even the sun stops rising, the rain stops pouring on the earth, the moon fades away from the sky, the mother's love will never change.