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Solo Ride to Rayalseema

 Taking a long solo road trip with a Royal Enfield machine is the most enthusiastic wishlist among all ages. The thought to have a long ride stuck in my mind, which helps to decide on taking a road trip to Tadipatri.  Tadipatri is a small town in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, located on the banks of River Pennar.  The town has a rich history and it has been ruled by major dynasties such as Chalukyas, Hoysalas and the Vijayanagar empire.  The Chintala Venkataramana Swami Temple and Bugga Ramalingeshwara Swamy Temple as the cultural treasure of Tadipatri.  

The ride started in Chennai taking a route through NH16 Chennai Guntur Highway.    After travelling around 130km, reached the tea spot at Gudur junction and sipped a hot Irani Chai which uniquely tastes sweet and creamy.  After riding along an enjoyable highway, the ride started towards the countryside and crossed several villages en route to Rapur which is 40km away from Gudur Junction.  The road condition en route to Rapur is absolutely poor with a bumpy road ahead but the scenic beauty in the countryside will energise your mind.

There were two roads which can take you to Tadipatri, one by taking a straight towards Rajampet and Kadapa.  And the other by taking a right from Rapur to reach Badvel, I took the right turn and ride towards Badvel which is 100km from Rapur. While riding along the Badvel route, I concluded that the right decision has been made from the choices. It's the best route for the ride which helps to travel smoothly and quickly in the best possible and most delightful way. The route witnessed less traffic, some twisty bends, many glorious straights, forest vegetation and pleasant scenery while crossing the Pennar River flowing under the bridge. 

On reaching Badvel in the afternoon, I found the restaurant along the highway where I could see a crowd inside the restaurant that notified me of a Minimum Guarantee for food taste.  I ordered Briyani without an egg and chicken, fondly called “Empty Briyani” which cost around ₹70.  Oh my god! the quantity of briyani is very huge and I just had half of what was given and parcelled the rest.  Luckily, the needy person waited outside the restaurant and the packed food reached him to resolve his hunger. 

The ride started towards Gandikota known as the Grand Canyon of India which is 100km away from Badvel.  One has to reach Jammalamadugu through NH67 to visit Gandikota, and the ride between Jammalamadugu to Gandikota held me spellbound by her beautiful landscape.  That 10 km ride to Gandikota is fascinating and captivating for the eyes. On reaching the historical fort, the passerby tourist just casually told me “You are finally reached” which realized me a sense of little accomplishment in life.

Gandikota is a small village in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh, called as Grand Canyon of India.  The significance of the place is the century-old Gandikota Fort surrounded by the River Pennar gorges.  There are several structures and amazing spots that can be seen in Gandikota such as the Pennar Gorge viewpoint, Madhavaraya Temple, Jamia Masjid, Granary, Jail and ruins of temples.  The place must be on your travel bucket list for the mesmerizing view from the Gorge viewpoint and various adventure activities.  The natural structure and its beauty of Gorges is beyond our imagination and highly captivating.  When you stand at the Gorge viewpoint and look at the beauty of the river and the rocky walls, the visual beauty will make you think about the value of the distance that you covered to reach the extraordinary destination.

After spending quality time in the Village of Gandikota, the ride between Gandikota and Muddanur was amazing with an unusual terrain having a straight road on the valley.  That happy 30 km ride left me fascinated with the breathtaking scenery intertwined with different shades of brown over the hills. When everything was going right on a ride, there need to be unexpected happenings which can enhance the thrill of travel.  What happened during the ride en route to Tadipatri from Muddanur was a breakdown midway due to a puncture on the rear wheel. While thinking of handling the situation, the passerby along the Highway gave me confidence that there will be a puncture shop after one KM.  Slowly taking the ride forward before getting completely dark in the evening and I found that the entire stretch to the puncture shop was lengthier than the entire travel for my mind. But keeping it cool with the passerby's words, I reached the puncture shop and the mechanic helped me to repair the tyre.  The five to six villagers from Kondapuram village were also involved in helping me to make things right. People in the village were kind to me and they cautioned me about the heavy vehicles coming from the opposite en route to Tadipatri after sunset. When everything is set, I resumed the ride from Kondapuram to Tadipatri. Finally, I reached Tadipatri town after an hour and had a wonderful sleep in the town.

The next day, I visited the famous temples in Tadipatri, small but the beautiful Alur Kona waterfalls and Belum Caves.  This is the longest and largest cave I visited ever and it is famous for Stalactite and Stalagmite formations.  The cave is present underneath the agricultural fields and the entire distance is almost 3 km with numerous pathways and freshwater tunnels.  It's a beautiful visit to Belum caves and a later ride to Owk Reservoir flanked by mountains where I calmly enjoyed the beauty of Sunset from the reservoir.  

The Happy Solo Trip has a lot of inner meanings and numerous thoughts about its existence.  The beauty of the entire travel is enjoying every minute without any great expectations.  And the love received from the strangers on the road is precious.  Hope the travel continues whenever I wish to get rid of routine scenarios.   Thank you for the reading and I appreciate your valuable time.