iPad 8th Gen - the cool tool for creativity, education and entertainment


iPad 10.2 inch is a tremendous device that we can utilize highly for remote learning - attending online classes, browsing books to making notes using Apple Pencil.  After using it for a month, I found the device is so tremendous to experience certain aspects like listening to music on Apple Music, playing Freefire gaming, watching movies on Netflix, making a video call to closed ones using Facetime.  The experiences from the device are highly rich and immersive to the world of Education and Entertainment.

For Creative people, this device helps them to bring their ideas into visual design using Apple Pencil.  You could transform the flowing ideas in your mind to give pixel-perfect shape to your creativity.  You can go for Apple 1st generation Pencil cost around Rs.8500 which is compatible with iPad 8th gen.  Truly it's a good investment if you are utilizing it for education and creative purpose.

iPad has come up with three color variants - Space grey, Silver, and Gold, with a storage capacity of 32GB(29900 INR) and 128GB(37900). The best part I liked about this iPad is the quality of the 10.2-inch Retina Display, such a soothing experience with incredible detail and vivid colors.  The wonderful battery life can extend for more than 24 hours after all-day Music, Gaming, Internet Surfing activities.  For better user usage, the iPad has a powerful A12 Bionic chip with high-level performance and energy efficiency. It functions super cool with the handling of multiple applications at a time.  

Except for the Camera, this device will support the demand of our requirements with rich experiences.  This is really an amazing device where we can excel in our creativity and utilize our best effort.