Nayattu - the good cinema from the God's own country

Naayatu Movie Review Nayattu, the wonderful film recently watched on the online streaming platform- Netflix.   The central plot of the film is around wrongful detention for political benefit.  The film revolves around three police officers- Maniyan, Praveen, and Sunitha get involved in an unexpected accident of a youngster who belonged to the political outfit.  To consolidate the voter base and the compulsion from the local party cadres, the chief minister is constrained to give orders to the higher officials to arrest the trio. 

They made an escape from the town since they know what might be the consequence if arrested.  Their path was filled between the devil and the deep sea.  They know as a police officer anytime they can be arrested by the Police team who started to hunt by collecting intelligence from their closed ones. As expected, the police team found the location of their whereabouts and arrested them.

The film can be seen as a film, but movies from the Malayalam cinema taking the world of reality into the full-featured film.  There is a reality hidden behind the cinematic expression.  Nayattu has shown the apathetic situations of Police officers where even the topmost Police officials adhere to the orders from the political masters at the cost of their integrity.

The only objective of the Political circle during the election is to gain votes from the voter group.  They will go to any extent to consolidate their positions.   We are witnessing in reality,  the election campaigns are more vital than controlling the spread of communicable diseases.  In the movie, the politician ordered the higher officials to arrest the trio who actually didn't commit the crime. But to gain the popularity of the social group during the season of the election, the political masters played their game well.

In the end, the director placed the shot where the people lined up for voting on the election day and the camera rolled inside the voting room where the blind voter made to vote without actually knowing whom her vote was cast.  This symbolizes the real apathy of the voters in our country. 

Coming back to the movie, it is a stunning thriller movie filled with tensions and lively narratives.  Every scene and action in the movie has a purpose to follow up in the upcoming scenes.   As a viewer, we can able to feel the emotions of onscreen characters on our mind.  The movie keeps you engaged from the opening shot to the climax at the end with the apprehensive cat and mouse game.