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Mandela Movie Review

Mandela, the best film from Netflix India.  Let watch the new movies on Netflix online streaming service.

 Mandela is the new generation political satire film that talks about serious issues in a subtle form.  The central character of the movie is the Surangudi village where the two social groups were always in conflict with each other.  Mandela is a person of low self and social esteem who does the work as a Barber and other menial jobs for the villagers.  What made a connection between the Village, Two social groups, and Mandela.  It's nothing but the local election conducted in the village for the post of Panchayat President.  The movie delivered the right message of the importance of voting rights with a good laugh and strong narration.

Caste Based Discrimination:

The upper caste group treats Mandela in a highly pathetic manner where he made him clean the toilets, disallowed to enter the house from the main entrance, not calling him with actual names, no proper pay for his work, social boycott, even inhumane treatment of verbal and physical abuse at no cost.  The problem with the character of Mandela was his acceptance of subjugation and exploitation.  He was a no man in the village until the day of the election announcement and the power of one vote.

The Paradox of Voting

The situation came to a point where the one vote became pivotal to decide the outcome of the local election.  The keeper of that one vote is Mandela when the election faced tie-breaker circumstances.  Like real politicians allure the voters during the process of election campaigning, the candidates from the respective social group start trying to buy the vote of Mandela through personal favors, cash, and kind.  Mandela enjoyed all the favors from the two candidates but never decided whom to vote for. This cause worrisome for both the candidates and they started physically assaulting Mandela.  At the end of the film, the decision has given to the audience who might Mandela voted for. 

CASH Politics

Why the candidates need to spend a large sum of money to engage in Politics.  The actual functioning of Political participation is to ensure the Protection and Prosperity of members.  But the sad reality is seen from the election affidavit, where the candidates getting rich too fast after holding office for five years.  To continue holding the office, the candidates implementing their Political Scheme " Cash for Votes" and the people considered as Redistribution but never thought the CASH scheme was the liability for the next five years.

The development we need is Inclusive Development; the empowerment we need is Social empowerment; the freedom we need is Economic freedom to stay away from poverty and hunger.