All About Apple Watch Series 6 - Things to know before buying


Apple Watch Series 6 performs like Oximeter device to measure the blood oxygen level our Red Blood Cells carried from the lungs in our body implying our health indication.  It works on a sensor system in the device incorporated four LED clusters and four Photodiodes.

 The photodiode is a semiconductor that helps to convert light when photons absorbed in the iPhone device thereby helps generates a current. An electric current pass through tiny microchip within the device which illuminates the Green, Red and Shine a light through Light Emitter Display (LED).  Those light fall onto our wrist and with the help of Photodiodes measuring the level of oxygen with the amount of light reflected back from our body.

It also provides the facility to generate an ECG which checks our heart's rhythm and beating in a normal pattern.   Electrodes and back crystal built in the iPhone device working with ECG app to generate an Electrocardiogram which represents electric pulses that make our heartbeat.  

 Sinus Rhythm: A heartbeat in a uniform pattern between the range of 50 and 100 Beats Per Minute (BPM) appeared to be normal.  

Other features like setting our sleep goal through sleep app and track our fitness metrics very precisely.  Retina display allows us to see our metrics even in the bright Sun without raising our wrist to look.


Altimeter helps to measure the elevation changes in real-time when you are above or below sea level.  Listen to your favourite music and Podcasts on Apple Music.

The case of Apple Watch 6 Series comes up with Red and Blue aluminium cases which are 100%environment-friendly (Recycled).  The wrist Solo loop from a Silicone rubber to be ultra-comfortable and lightweight.  There is a braided solo loop in which the silicon rubber threads are interwoven with recycled polyester yarn to look textural.

The super facility in Apple Watch Series 6 is cellular where we stay connected even we kept our phone at home.  For adventurous solo, Apple watch is enough to stay connected with the world to make calls, text, storing our tickets, boarding passes for flights, getting help from Siri, locating the places through maps.

Apple Watch Series 6 - Stay Connected, Stay Fit, Stay Healthy wherever you go.