Seetharkundu Waterfalls Experience in Palakkad, Kerala

Seetharkundu Falls

This is a small waterfalls in the small village Kollengode, Palaghat district of Kerala.  This waterfalls starting from Nelliyampathi and reaches the valley and forms a Cahuliyar river, major tributary of Gayathripuzha.  Falls has a scenic beauty with dense vegetation and animals can be seen.  The name of Seetharkundu falls comes from the mythological stories that Ram, Lakshmana and Sita lived in this place and  Sita used to offer worship with the water from the stream.  Seetha took bath here at the falls and the name of the falls derived from it.  The trekking route towards Neliyampathi is the favourite destination for trek lovers.  The trekking route towards Neliyampathi along the banks of Seetharkundu river is much more exciting and thrilling.  .