Chekka Chivantha Vanam- Film Analysis

Maniratnam Chekka Chivantha Vanam Movie Review  Chekka Chivantha Vanam is a Tamil movie directed by Maniratnam created a buzz in Kollywood for different reasons.

The most important reason is a multistarrer movie where the promising actors performed in the movie.  Actors such as Arvind Samual, STR, Vijay Sethupathi, Arun Vijay, Jothika, Aishwarya Rajesh, Jayasudha, and Prakashraj.  They justified their role given to them by delivering natural acting performance.  In this Movie,  Maniratnam and Music composer AR Rahman have used different elements in telling the story by placing songs between the scenes.  Songs like Bhoomi Bhoomi and Chevanthu Pochu Vanam elevated every frame in the movie.  So many claps and whistles are blown for these particular scenes in movie theatres.  Santosh Sivan handles the cinematography with excellent skills framing Maniratnam's thoughts into reality.  Some of the drone shots reflect the broader vision of scenes guaranteeing grandeur and splendour.  The movie has an equally spaced frame for every top actor which must be credited to Maniratnam and Editor A.Sreekar Prasad.  Visually, the movie is a treat for cinema lovers with the gripping screenplay, screen presence of every actor, magical songs, life-related dialogues like "When You Have Any Old Friend. Don't Believe", terrific BGM and sound engineers must be lauded for their work.  However, the scope for female protagonists is much less and there is a lack of sketch behind each character.  All fell in one place and made it red.

The Story tells the values of betrayal, thirst for power and money, Love and loss, and Killing the close one for their benefit.  It justifies the proverb  "As you sowso shall you reap"    

The introduction to the movie starts with a wide angle over Chennai city with the background voice of Vijay Sethupathy.  He introduced the character to the audience "SENAPATHY" portrayed by Prakashraj the Don of the town.  But there were no scenes to justify his criminal activities.  Prakashraj and his wife Jayasudha travelled by car to the temple for their anniversary followed by another car with his gang members.  When returning from the temple, the gang of two members disguised in Police Uniform interrupted the car.  The duo gunshot the driver of Senapathy's car and dropped the bomb in the car.  Senapathy and his wife escaped with major injuries and were hospitalized.  Jothika came to know about the incidents and arrived at the hospital. The Phone call was made to three sons Varadhan, Thyagu, and Ethier.  The introduction of Arvind same as Varadhan in the newly constructed building punching the guy.  Arun Vijay as Thiyagu stayed in Dubai with his family and did business with the Sheik of Dubai.  Simbu is Ethi the underground gun smuggler in Serbia.  In between, Vijay Sethupathi got a suspension order for 6 months for his arrogant activity.

When the trio met at Senapathy's house.  There was a scene where Varadhan unravels the bandage of his mother where Ethier tried to bring out "Who has to be the Next Senapathi among three sons".  Both these two actions have the connection to "disentangle the knot"

Simultaneously, The scenes revolve around the three sons fighting for the Place of Senapathy after his death.  Later, the scenes reveal who tried to kill Senapathy and who has achieved the place of Senapathy.

Finally, there was a twist in the climax when Rasool shot dead Ethier(Lone Survivor) among the three sons.

Operation Red Sky was conducted by the Tamil Nadu Police with Rasool in an undercover operation.  There was a Rasool justification for his character at the climax.  He didn't betray anyone but he did his duty to save people from this kind of criminal gangster.  A single shot of fire by Rasool which unglorified gangsters.  The audience and even fans of STR didn't feel for his death but were happy for accepting his death by the Police.  Punishment is inevitable for crime and deviance.  "If you live by the sword; you will die by the sword".